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  • Mesa  MUBG652E Under Bed Gun Safe - MUBG652E
  • Mesa  MUBG652E Under Bed Gun Safe - MUBG652E
  • Mesa  MUBG652E Under Bed Gun Safe - MUBG652E
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    Item #: MUBG652E
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    MESA's MUBG652E Under Bed Gun Safes protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a steel security safe and the peace of mind of a hidden locker. These heavy-duty safes are constructed of all-steel like the rest of our full line of steel constructed safes. These safes are specially designed for those who love to hunt, collect firearms as a hobby and to keep your firearms locked up and secured. Keep your weapons such as rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, ammunition and other types of weaponry in a heavy-duty and secure safe. Prevent any accidents from unauthorized users such as children and others who don't know how to operate a firearm. Most importantly, prevent theft and burglary from intruders and thieves from stealing your firearms in your home. Keep them safe from harm and protect your family and friends.

    To add even more security, this safe contains six anchor holes to be able to secure your safe to the floor, wall or your bed for permanent placement. The under bed gun safe is equipped with a heavy duty interior pull-out drawer for easy access. Each safe also contains different types of storage capabilities to organize any type of guns you have. Whether you need to store larger firearms such as rifles or shotguns or smaller weapons like knives and handguns, each safe has a nice organized storage system that will hold all types of weapons.

    Other security features include an electronic lock that is protected by a punch activated spring-loaded relocking device. The massive diameter of the live locking bolts drives into the thick steel body of the safe that ensures the steel door is tightly shut. This protects against forced entry and attempting to break or pry open the safe. The safe is also lined with fire-resistant material that protects your contents in case of a fire emergency. The gun safes can also be used as your typical fire and burglary safe where it can be used to store all other miscellaneous valuables including jewelry, classified records, money, collectibles, photos and more. They provide all the storage and protection you need for both residential and commercial applications giving you all the benefits of one safe.


    • All Steel Construction All Steel Construction
    • California DOJ Compliant California DOJ Compliant for firearm storage.
    • Get Lit! Equipped with an exterior LED light just above the lock for ease of access in dark spaces.
    • Removeable Carpet Lining Removable & washable gray carpet lining
    • High Strength 16 Gauge Body High Strength Unitized 16 Gauge Steel Body & Door
    • Advanced Electronic Lock Advanced electronic lock. Allows 2 user codes.
    • Anchor Holes Provided Six anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the floor, wall, shelf or bed.
    • Full-Length Steel Piano Hinge Full-Length steel piano hinge
    • Pry Resistant Locking Bar 5 Point pry resistant locking bar
    • Emergency Key System Emergency key system [Includes 2 Keys]


    Exterior: 6"H x 52"W x 16.625" D
    Interior: 3 1/8" H x 43 1/4" W x 13" D
    Weight: 65 lbs.
    Override Key