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Buy Gun Safes to Keep your Firearms, Valuables & Ammunition Safe

We have been in this business for 2 decades, so we understand how important our role in the firearm industry is to safety. We are military veterans and first responders – having a weapon unsecured in our world is a major mistake and never allowed – so we are proud to be on the front lines of creating a more secure environment for those of us that enjoy having weapons and want to keep them away from those that shouldn’t have access.

While most gun owners traditionally were used to purchasing safes through Brick & Mortar dealers, and were initially hesitant to buy gun safes online, this has changed dramatically over the years and now our World Class Customer Service Team is more adept at ever at making gun owners feel comfortable buying online through our eCommerce Storefront. Our team helps our clients place the right safety equipment in their home or office to ensure guns and ammunition are safe.

When you're ready to buy a gun safe, here’s a few factors to consider:


The bigger the safe, the more storage space it has - but don't be fooled by size - a small gun safe can still protect your firearms. And many people store much more than weaponry in safes – including important documents, jewelry, family heirlooms, ammo and more. Our recommendation is to gather everything up that you want to be secured, and give us a call or chat so that we can help ensure you’re buying the right gun safe for exactly what you need now and what you might need in the future.

Number & Type of Guns

Another essential factor to consider is how many guns and what types of guns you'll be storing in the safe. Generally, as a gun owner ages and has more discretionary income, more firearms are purchased, and they tend to be all different sizes. Our recommendation is to ensure that the weapons you have can be properly secured by a safe, but that there’s also room for you to add additional weapons so that 5-10 years down the road you’re not looking to buy another safe. As much as we want you to come back to us, it’s more important to our team that you are properly prepared with the first safe you buy from us.

Fire Rating

Another important factor is fire rating. We encourage our customers to consider what might happen to their most valuable articles in the event of a fire. While insurance is helpful (and we recommend that you create a video of all the articles in your safe and send them to your carrier), insurance can’t replace a family heirloom … a high fire rating safe can.

Lock Type

Choosing a lock is important – do you need speed, or is security more important? Maybe a hybrid of both? There are many types of locks – manual (key locks), keypad, combination, biometric, and electronic. We can help you choose the right safe for you. And it could turn out that multiple, smaller safes might be better if different protected items need a different level of locking mechanism. Getting access to jewelry can take longer – but access to a handgun when there’s an intruder in the house requires fast access.


While the most expensive options are generally the best, don't feel obligated to spend a lot of money on a safe just because it's called a "gun safe." There are plenty of affordable options that offer excellent security and storage capacity. Call or chat with us and get our free advice – we’re here to help – not oversell you something you don’t need.