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    AMSEC BFS1512E1 Burglary and Fire Safe

    Check out AMSEC's newest economical burglar and fire safe - the AMSEC BFS1512E1. This safe gives you all the great features of the more expensive models but at a great price. If you need a safe to protect your important documents and valuables from a burglar and fire, take a look at the AMSEC BFS1512E1 Burglary and Fire Safe.

    The AMSEC BFS1512E1 Burglary and Fire Safe has an ETL verified fire protection, tested at outside temperatures of 1700 degrees F for up to 60 minutes. The inside temperature did not exceed 350 degrees F. It also has a UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification. The door is a solid 1/2" solid steel plate with an overall door thickness of 1-1/2". The body has a 2.31" double-wall steel construction. There are 3 live locking bolts to help prevent pry attacks. There are 3 deadbolts on the hinge side.

    Included at no extra cost on the AMSEC BFS1512E1 Burglary and Fire Safe is an ESL10XL Digital Electronic Lock. This allows you to program 1 user and change the 6-digit combination yourself at any time. The outside is painted an attractive two-toned black and gray finish. Inside is 1 adjustable steel shelf to help organize your contents. AMSEC includes a lifetime fire warranty with each purchase of the AMSEC BFS1512E1 Burglary and Fire Safe.

    The outside dimensions on the AMSEC BFS1512E1 Burglar & Fire Safe allow you to install this safe in a closet or anywhere that has limited space. They are 20.13" H 17.13" W x 19.38" D. It has 1.41 cubic feet of interior space and weighs a total of 243 pounds.


    • ETL Verified Fire protection of 1700 degrees F for 60 minutes
    • UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification
    • 1/2" solid steel plate door
    • Handsome two-toned black and gray textured finish
    • Lifetime fire warranty
    • Lock: ESL10XL Digital Electronic Lock
    • Spring-loaded re-locker
    • 3 live locking bolts
    • 3 deadbolts


    • 2.31" double wall steel construction
    • Door thickness: 1-1/2"
    • One anchor hole with hardware
    • Unique fire resistant barrier


    • Outside Dimensions: 20.13" H x 17.13" W x 19.38" D
    • Inside Dimensions: 15.25" H x 12.50" W x 12.75" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 1.41
    • Weight: 243 Pounds
    • Shelves: 1 steel adjustable shelf
    • Dimensions:
    • Outside: 20.13" H x 17.13" W x 19.38" D (Add 3" for handle)
    • Inside: 15.25" H x 12.50" W x 12.75" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 1.41
    • Weight: 243.00
    • Burglar Rating: RSC
    • Fire Rating: 1 Hour

    Residential Security Container (RSC):

    U.L. Residential Security Container rating (RSC) - This UL rating is based on testing conducted for a net working time of five minutes, on all sides, with a range of tools. Underwriters Lab conducts the test and provides certification to the safe manufacturers. See U.L. TL-15 and TL-30 descriptions below for "net working time" description.

    Burglary Classification Residential Security Container (RSC) signifies a combination or keylocked unit designed to offer protection against entry by common mechanical tools. Performance tests are conducted against the entire unit. The basic standard used to investigate in this category is UL 1037, "Anti theft Alarms and Devices.

    1. An Anti-theft device, as defined by Paragraph 1.3, shall resist at least 5 minutes of attack that would defeat its purpose.
    2. Any disassembly of the protected property required to make it removable, is to be included in the 5 minutes of attack test.
    3. The tools used in the test are to include hammers, chisels, adjustable wrenches, pry bars, punches and screwdrivers. The hammers are not to exceed 3 pounds in head weight, and no tool is to exceed 18 inches in length.
    4. The product under test is to be mounted securely in its intended position, and the attack is to be carried out by one operator.
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