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  • *USED* Heritage Traditional TX5672 Safe - 76 Gun 75 Min Fire Rated Safe - TX5672-USED
  • *USED* Heritage Traditional TX5672 Safe - 76 Gun 75 Min Fire Rated Safe - TX5672-USED
  • *USED* Heritage Traditional TX5672 Safe - 76 Gun 75 Min Fire Rated Safe - TX5672-USED
  • *USED* Heritage Traditional TX5672 Safe - 76 Gun 75 Min Fire Rated Safe - TX5672-USED
  • *USED* Heritage Traditional TX5672 Safe - 76 Gun 75 Min Fire Rated Safe - TX5672-USED
  • *USED* Heritage Traditional TX5672 Safe - 76 Gun 75 Min Fire Rated Safe - TX5672-USED
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    Used Safe Information

    • Color: Forest Green with Gold accents
    • Damage: Cosmetic, 1"-2" chipped paint on door and surface marks from use, see damage form in photos above for location of chipped paint
    • Other Information: Comes with Interior Lighting that currently does not work, needs repaired or replaced

    Product Features:

    The Heritage Tradition Series combines uncompromised security with exceptional value. Attractive and heavy, the Tradition Series offers a gold trim package, high gloss urethane finish, Class III ITR Fire protection, plush velour/suede interior and heavy construction as standard features.

    • Weight: 1375 lbs
    • Locking Bolts: 22 Locking Bolts
    • Max Guns: 72
    • Exterior Dimensions: 72"H x 56"W x 28"D
    • UL listed and certified for security
    • Class III 75-minute ITR fire certification
    • Heavy gauge steel body
    • High Gloss Finish
    • 3/8" reinforced fire door
    • Internal hinges
    • Palusol fire seals
    • 1-5/8" firewall
    • Quad Sleeve relockers
    • Detent System
    • Diam-a-Shield hard Plate
    • Drill proof ball bearing design
    • 1-1/4" DIA lock bolts
    • 4-way active lock bolts
    • Bank style combination lock
    • Solid steel door frame
    • 14K gold 5-point handle

    ITR-Certified Fire Protection:

    Itech Thermal Response (ITR) represents quality assurance to specified products in providing controlled results in fire testing.

    Fire safes are designated as fire resistant (not fireproof), which entails a different temperature rise in the furnace during the endurance of the test.

    The fire safes, standing upright, are monitored and measured using ceramic thermocouples placed throughout the safe to give exact temperature readings, providing you with the assurance that your Heritage safe will perform should the unthinkable happen. The classification is a result of the external safe temperature (not the furnace temperature, as promoted by some tests).

    Test failure occurs when the safe's average internal temperature reaches 350º F. Paper products will char at approximately 420 F. A certified testing furnace is rated at 1950º F, generating 36 million BTU per hour of scorching heat, exposing both radiant and convection heat transfer to the safe.

    A typical home fire is estimated to reach between 800º F and 1200º F. Depending on the fuel in and around the home, the typical response time for authorities in reaching and containing most home fires is 10 - 30 minutes.

    Pyro-Shield Thermal Blanket

    The Pyro-Shield Thermal Blanket is placed in the top of each Heritage safe, where the heat is often the highest, for increased thermal resistance with a Max Temp Rating of 2300°F.

    Palusol® Fire Seal

    Palusol® expands with development of foaming pressure under the action of heat. In the process a fine porous, compression resistant, non combustible, heat seal is formed. This seal fills joints around the safe door to provide superior protection against smoke and heat.

    **NOTE: Fire protection is dependent on many factors, including duration of fire, available fuel, and heat of fire.

    Heritage Safe Security Features - A Cut Above The Rest

    The name of the game in safes is to use heavy steel construction and inpenetrable defenses to thwart thieves' attempts at forced entry. Given enough time and technology, any safe in the world — even the most secure bank vault — can eventually be breached. So the goal in safe-making is to make forced entry so difficult and time-consuming as to defeat even the most determined and sophisticated thieves. It’s a challenge Heritage Safe takes seriously!

    The safe door is the primary point of attack. Heritage Safe Co. safe doors have 4 times as much steel as the industry standard. Additional standard features include: 1.25" diameter solid steel locking pry-bolts that extend a full 2" (twice as far as most brands) to lock securely behind the solid reinforced door frame. Tempered-glass trigger plate with visible relocker bolt for additional security against attempts to drill the lock.

    Fully recessed door to frustrate prying Diam-a-Shield™ solid hardplate shielding critical areas like lock and relockers in the door, providing 30 times the protection against drilling afforded by other brands. Quad Sleeve™ automatic relockers that completely lock up the safe in response to impact, torch, or prying.

    4-way heavy positive deadlock locking mechanism that ensures that locking bolts cannot be forced to retract regardless of side impact. UL-listed Group II combination lock with keylocking dial that prevents intruders from even turning the dial.

    Exclusive patented pry-bolt technology that secures the safe door against prying by clasping the safe body doorjamb in a pry attack.

    More About Heritage:

    As a family-owned, hometown gun safe business, Heritage Safe Company knows the value of preserving and protecting the things you hold dear. We have built our gun safe business on securing your irreplaceable possessions and protecting your heritage.

    At Heritage Safe Company, we take pride in every gun safe and home safe manufactured. Heritage Safe continues to set the standard in home gun safe security, fire protection, value and elegance. Every Heritage, Fortress and Ruger® gun safe and home safe is custom built using only the highest quality materials, with extra care taken to ensure your satisfaction for a lifetime.

    No matter what you choose to secure in your Heritage safe --- heirlooms, guns, important documents, jewelry --- we have a make and model of home gun safe suited just for you. Join the tens of thousands who have already found an affordable, responsible and sensible way to safeguard their prized possessions in the convenience of their own home --- a Heritage gun safe.

    We at Heritage Safe Co. are committed to public safety, public policy that protects children, and legislation that benefits the gun owner. Heritage Safe Co is a member of and supports The National Gun Safe Coalition.


    • Weight: 1375 lbs
    • Locking Bolts: 22 Locking Bolts
    • Max Guns: 72
    • Exterior Dimensions: 72"H x 56"W x 28"D