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Inkas TITAN UL TL-15 Series Safe 1212 TITAN UL TL-15 Series Safe 1212, Inkas TITAN UL TL-15 Series Safe 1212
Item #: TL-15 1212
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Item #: TL-15 1212 -

INKAS® Titan series safes are a great choice for a security. With a UL TL-15 rating, these safes are secure from most types of burglary attacks including the use of prybars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels, and saws. Featuring a layered concrete and steel body these are some of the toughest TL-15's on the market.FeaturesUL TL-15 certifiedUL certified Group 2M manipulation resistant combination lock with spy proof dialFull composite construction comprised of the highest quality barrier material...

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing offers both standardized and custom-built safes and security products for private, commercial and government clients. With its highly-trained personnel and vast array of product offerings, INKAS® continues to maintain its position.

Established in 1999, INKAS® Safe Manufacturing is a Canadian owned and operated company located in the North end of Toronto, Canada.

INKAS® builds and distributes safes and other security products for retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, jewellery stores, pharmaceutical chains and anyone else who needs to protect their valuables.

INKAS® offers a large variety of Safes including: Custom Luxury Safes, Explosive Resistant Safes, UL Rated Safes, Burglary And Fire Safes, Fire Safes, B-Rated Safes, Cash Depositories, and Hotel Safes.

INKAS® also offers a great selection of other products including: Safe Deposit Boxes, Fireproof Filing Cabinets, and Electronic And Mechanical Dials And Locks. INKAS® distributes these safes through a network of 2,000 locksmiths, 1,000 safe technicians, and 50 Dealers and Distributors located across North America.

INKAS® also provides unique services to help safe owners including Safe Installation, Safe Moving, Safe Opening, Safe Combination Changes, Safe Lock Changes, Safe Interior Modifications, Safe Repainting, Safe Repairs, and Safe General Maintenance.

INKAS® knows how to protect what is important to you. Honesty, Integrity and Accountability are the foundation of our efforts and Customer Service is our “State of Mind”.