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Dakota - Interloc-XP - 33 Gun Capacity Modular Safe

Dakota - Interloc-XP - 33 Gun Capacity Modular Safe (Interloc-XP)

4.67 stars, based on 3 reviews
Dakota Interloc-XP DetailsSecurity Reinforced 12 Gauge plate steel Interloc Ultra-Fold Body System™ 3/16" Plate Steel Door Pry Gard™ Deep Recessed Door & Frame 7 - Massive 1 1/4" Locking Bolts with Deadlock Bar Deluxe Hardplate & Relocker S&G Group...
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Better interior panel fitment and instructions away from perfection.

  • Exterior fit/finish
  • Price
  • Interior fitment
  • Instructions
The Dakota Interloc-XP showed up very quickly (I was told it would ship in 1-2 weeks, it was 1 week from order to delivery when it showed up at my house), and although one corner of a box had a small hole, there wasn't so much as a scractch on any of the panels. Shipping from OK probably puts Dakota in a good spot to reach most of the country quickly. If you've got narrower vintage doorways, be warned that door is pretty heavy, and too wide for a lot of said doorways. I'd recommend a second set of hands for that. I'm on the small side but fairly fit and got it done, but it would've been much easier and probably safer with a second set of hands.

My safe came with no print instructions, just a video disc that my one laptop that still has a disc drive didn't recognize, and my toddler helpfully stuck a playing card in my Playstation, so I just went off the YouTube video that's probably the same video. Some things, however, have changed since they recorded that video, well, probably 10 years ago.

The door stop mechanism has been omitted; more incentive to make sure your safe is level and facing a decline. The interior has seen more changes. The shelves mount on plastic tabs, not metal, and the left and right interior panel shelf brackets are no longer centered. The brackets are closer to the rear than the front (if I did this correctly), but you have no indication of up/down orientation. My interior floor panel was also slightly too wide; I had to remove the shelving brackets from the side panels to fit the floor panel. The rear electrical cord port is inaccessible with the interior panels in place, so if you want to route lighting or dehumidifier rod cables, it would be best to have them in advance so you don't have to partially disassemble your interior again.

Perfect Safe

We bought this safe due to its unique design, and the ability to disassemble it and take it with us should we move..

Safes can be very expensive to move, sure sellers will deliver it free when you first buy a safe, but when you move, you will pay dearly to have it moved.

The Dakota safe is constructed stronger then some regular non modular safes.

Plus the main thing v about the safe is, I was able to assemble it, inside a closet, there is zero access to the sides and top, so I cannot be easily cut open like other safes.

I cannot recommend this safe enough, would definitely buy again..


Solid.. 18 glong gun safe

  • Heavy duty
  • Nice dial combination
  • Wish it was a foot taller
This safe is very heavy when assembled. The interior is nice but I think if you just want long gun storage invest in rifle rods and ditch all the interior furniture

Reviews 1-3 of 3