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  • Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Mechanical Pistol Box - STL-PB-EZ
  • Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Mechanical Pistol Box - STL-PB-EZ
  • Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Mechanical Pistol Box - STL-PB-EZ
  • Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Mechanical Pistol Box - STL-PB-EZ
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    Product Details

    Stealth Portable Handgun Safe PS1208EZ

    This Portable Handgun Safe features a gorgeous chrome handle for transporting two pistols to the range while maintaining maximum security. This safe is equipped with an easy-to-use, very reliable Mechanical Simplex Lock made entirely in the United States. The body and door are made of 14 gauge solid steel, with an inch overlap on the door for further pry resistance. The 12” thick chrome locking bolt secures your safe, which is secured by an interior steel enclosure. The interior is lined with High Density Pluck Foam, which you can adjust to fit your handgun and magazine perfectly. With Bolt Down Holes you can mount this safe to any car, nightstand, drawer or flat surface.

    Stealth Portable Handgun Safe & Chrome Handle

    Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Thick Locking Bolt

    Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Steel Lugs Hooks Under Dead Bar

    Perfect Portable Safe with Chrome Handle

    This pistol safe is only 12 pounds and fits up to 2 of your favorite handguns. Extend the chrome carry handle to transport your safe in the car, to the range or anywhere else you might need it.

    Thick Locking Bolt with Steel Housing Underneath Lock

    Locking this safe is the 1 ½” thick solid steel chrome locking bolt. In addition, the lock is encased in steel and with a punch resistant housing underneath the lock to provide extra protection.

    Thick Steel Lugs Lock Underneath Steel Dead Bar

    This Pistol Safe has two extremely thick steel hooks that lock underneath the full length steel dead bar. This provides an incredible amount of pry resistance to the safe.

    Stealth Portable Handgun Safe Mechanical Simplex Lock

    Stealth Handgun Safe High Density Pluck Foam

    Stealth Handgun Safe Bolt Down Holes

    Highly Reliable Mechanical Simplex Lock

    An easy-to-use and highly reliable mechanical Simplex Lock, with a potential of 1,081 unique combinations. This is the authentic KABA Simplex Lock 100% Made in USA.

    High Density Pluck Foam

    The interior has a protective, high density, pluck foam that will allow you to fully customize to the exact fit of your firearm and magazine.

    Four Bolt Down Holes

    With four pre-drilled bolt down holes located on the bottom of the safe, you’ll have no trouble securing this box to any surface you choose.

    • External Dimensions: 8" D x 12.26" W x 4.13" H
    • Weight: 12 lbs