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Gun accidents result in thousands of deaths and injuries annually. There could be a number of reasons for gun accidents, however improper storage is one of the most dangerous among them. Furthermore, improper storage of guns can also increase the risk of theft. The United States Bureau of Justice reported over a six year period that over 200,000 guns were stolen annually during burglaries and other property related crimes. It’s reported 80% of those firearms were never found. It has also reported that stolen firearms are most frequently used in the commission of violent crimes. Nearly all firearm accidents in homes can be prevented if gun owners store their firearms properly. Storing firearms in a gun safe while not in use can be the best way to ensure their safety and security. Those looking for best-in-class gun safes to safely store their firearms can count on the Stack-On gun safes due to their unique features.

Stack-On safes are fire resistant and are the optimum solution for long gun firearm storage. They have also made a huge impact on the gun safe world by offering the most inexpensive gun storage solutions. Stack-On gun safes come in a variety of models that can cater to the needs of each of their customers. Manufactured using high grade materials, these gun safes are impact and corrosion resistant. Apart from storing firearms, these are also used to store other valuables such as money, jewelry, important documents, etc. is a trusted online portal offering a wide range of gun safes at the most competitive prices. The entire range of gun safes that the company offers are from renowned gun safe manufacturers who are known for their quality and reliability. To provide their customers with the best in quality safes, they have associated with some of the leading brands such as Fort Knox, Browning Gun Safes, Adventure, Aimpoint, Aimshot, Brunton, Century, Fenwick, Gardall etc.