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 Securam Safelogic Swingbolt Lock Package Chrome Surelock Batter
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    Item #: SRK-SAF-SW-00-CHII
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    Product Description: Securam Safelogic Swingbolt Lock Package: Chrome Surelock Battery

    The SafeLogic Basic is a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications.

    Keypad Features: (EC0601AIICH)

    Easy programming allows for code changes, additions, and deletions

    Enable and Disable functions

    Surelock Battery Compartment

    Enter your 6-digit code and turn the safe handle

    Stainless Steel entry pad housing

    Two User Codes

    Manager Code

    User Code

    Penalty Lockout

    Standard Footprint

    Black Chrome

    Lock Body Features: (EL0601)

    Swing Bolt Lock Body

    Lock remains unlocked for 6 seconds and then automatically relocks

    Analog Mode for SafeLogic Series Keypad

    Power: 9V

    Easily Retrofitted