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    Item #: SREL-0601-S
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    Swingbolt with Bolt Status Sensor

    Part# EL-0601-S

    Compatible with all SecuRAM keypads.

    • This SwingBolt with Bolt Status Sensor incorporates an integrated sensor designed to report the bolt position - open/closed.
    • Upon entry of a valid code the motorized locking mechanism moves to its unlocked position, allowing the safe bolt work to rotate the bolt into the lock case.
    • The lock remains unlocked for 6 seconds and then automatically relocks.
    • When the safe door is closed and the safe handle returned to the locked position, the lock will automatically lock secure.
    • When using this lock with one of our audit-capable ProLogic or ScanLogic EntryPads, the audit will report the open date/time as well as the close date/time.
    • This lock operates in Digital mode only and can therefore be connected to any ProLogic or ScanLogic EntryPad.
    • The SwingBolt with Bolt Status Sensor is Bluetooth compatible and can be used in conjunction with SecuRam's Bluetooth EntryPads.
    • This lock body can be used to replace any standard sized safe lock.
    • The SwingBolt with Bolt Status Sensor can be easily retrofitted on most safes.

    Safe Lock Bodies

    • SecuRam’s Safe Locks can be paired with any of SecuRam’s EntryPads to create a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications.
    • SecuRam’s Safe Lock Bolt mechanisms are constructed of stainless steel which results in long-lasting and reliable performance.
    • SecuRam Safe Locks are motor-driven for maximum security.

    Advanced Technology. Reliable

    • SecuRam’s Safe Locks use advanced technology to provide a flexible safe lock platform.
    • Featuring a Dual Communication Platform, SecuRam Locks operate in either analog mode or digital mode
    • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.
    • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.
    • SecuRam motor-driven safe lock bodies are very reliable and versatile. A lock body to fit any boltwork configuration.

    Analog and Digital Mode

    • SecuRam lock bodies operate in two modes: Analog and Digital.
    • Each lock has the firmware onboard to operate in either mode.
    • Analog mode is used with SafeLogic Series EntryPads
    • Digital mode is used with ProLogic and ScanLogic Series EntryPads.
    • In order to convert the safe lock body from one mode to the other follow the simple steps describe in the video "Analog versus Digital Mode: Lock Mode Programming".

    Technical Specifications

    • Power Supply: DC 9V
    • Power Supply Range: DC 4.5V – 12V
    • Standby Current: <50uA <20uA (Typical)
    • Active Current: <20mA
    • Lock Open Time: 6 seconds
    • Battery Low Voltage: 5.2+/- 0.2V
    • Mechanical System Life Span: >100,000 cycles
    • Working temperature: -25 deg C ~ +60 deg C
    • Working humidity: <95%
    • Storage temperature: -45 deg C ~ +85 deg C