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SnapSafe Duel Lockboxes

The Snapsafe Duel Lockboxes are the perfect item for storing your pistols safely and securely without the big boxy lockboxes that customers in the pistol safe world have become accustomed to. The Snapsafe Duel Lockboxes are perfect on a nightstand next to the bed, in a dresser drawer or in the car. These are even TSA approved for airline travel. They are also the perfect item for Concealed Carry Permit holders.

Made with an 18-guage heavy steel construction, the SnapSafe Duel Lockboxes are rugged and secure for storing any valuables as well as pistols. They come with an easy to operate key lock so there are no worries when it comes to concerns over batteries dying between the last time you opened the lockbox and your current use. They are pry resistant so they are safe in the home with children present. They also come with a 1500 lb. test steel security cable so mounting these will be a “snap”. The thick protective foam interior that you’ll find in the Snapsafe Duel Lockboxes will keep the interior of your lockbox soft and plush. No need to worry about damaging the contents. These items are a breeze to store at an exterior dimension of 9 ½” x 6 ½” x 1 ¾”.

The Snapsafe Duel Lockboxes are also sold in pairs, so for an inexpensive cost ($49.95) you get double the storage space. This item will give you the peace of mind that your jewelry, documents, money, pistols and anything else you need to store will be safe and sound from intruders and children alike. Give us a call at 855-248-6723 if you have any additional questions. Snapsafe also offers a modular fire rated gunsafe that you can find at