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  • Tracker Series Model S8-B2 Non-Fire Insulated Security Safe - S8-B2
  • Tracker Series Model S8-B2 Non-Fire Insulated Security Safe - S8-B2
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    Item #: S8-B2
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    • The S8-B2 features a biometric, electronic pass code lock with key bypass.
    • The lock can be opened by fingerprint, push button pass code or key bypass.
    • The biometric lock function can hold up to 25 fingerprints. Easy to program and delete fingerprints if desired.
    • Single user codes can be 4-8 long. Numbers can be repeated to create a multiple digit combination.
    • This safe uses 4 AA batteries located in a battery compartment inside the safe.
    • Battery indicator displays battery life. Batteries should last 6 to 12 months under normal daily operation.
    • Batteries should only be replaced with Energizer or Duracell AA batteries. Change batteries yearly.
    • In the event of battery failure this safe has 2 bypass keys to access your safe to change batteries.
    • Keys beep when pushed. This cannot be disabled.
    • When the safe had been open longer than 1 minute the safe will beep every 10 seconds to remind you to close and lock your safe.
    • This safe is ideal for bedside, closet, dresser, garage, cabin, summer home, rentals, car, or RV.
    • Multiple users can register their fingerprints so multiple people can use the safe.
    • Great for users that prefer not to remember combinations.
    • Two medium sized hand guns fit easily in this safe.
    • Great for wallet, purse, cash, jewelry, ammunition and prescription drugs.
    • Good for small important documents.
    • Non-fire insulated front opening, left to right, steel security safe.
    • 3/16”thick steel door and 14 gauge steel body.
    • The door is secured with two (2) 3/4” round bolts and a reinforced door frame that the bolts lock into when the safe is in the locked closed position.
    • The body has two (2) 3/8” pre-drilled holes on the back of the safe for mounting to wall or other hard application.
    • Carpeted interior with 1 fixed position shelf.
    • Mounting hardware included.
    • Lock Type: Biometric Finger Print and Electronic Keypad (Dual access:either or)
    • Number of Locking Bolts: 2
    • Paint: Black Textured Powder Coat
    • External Dimensions: H: 9.125" x W: 17" x D: 14.125"
    • Internal Dimensions: H: 8.5" x W: 16.75" x D: 13.125"
    • External Volume: 1.27 cubic feet
    • Internal Volume: 1.08 cubic feet

    Weight: 30 lbs


    Limited Lifetime Warranty against fire or attempted/actual break in.

    One (1) year defect free from defects in materials and craftsmanship.