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    S&G 2006 - Titan™ Pivot Bolt Lock and Keypad Kit


    The Model 2006/2007 Titan safe lock, a robust, 10-user lock, comes with a completely redesigned locking mechanism that is based on the proven security of a rugged, motorized blocking device. These electronic safe locks are often used in the banking and commercial industries to protect key assets.

    Setting the Standard for High Security

    For over 150 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions that protect the assets we value most.

    EMP-Resistant Lock

    Sargent and Greenleaf's high-security electronic locks are proven to withstand military-level EMP attacks, giving you full access to your valuables even after an EMP emergency. S&G tested its most popular gun safe locks, using the U.S. military's highest EMP impact standard.

    Lock Features

    • Newly designed, motor-driven locking mechanism for an extra measure of security and longer battery life.
    • Withstands over 225 lbs. of end and side pressure.
    • Optional Bolt Position Indicator (BPI) module can triffer alarms, CCTV recorders or virtually any relay activated security device (requires BPI module).
    • S&G Magic Module footprint to match the mounting dimensions of most mechanical and electronic safe locks.
    • Universally handed and reversible for right-hand, left-hand, vertical up, vertical down mounting.

    • Tested up to 10,000 openings on two 9v alkaline batteries.

    • Two modes of operation: STAR and BASIC
    • Field programmable from keypad.
    • One million 6-digit PINS to choose from.
    • One master code, seven user codes.
    • Management reset code (not available if lock is set to dual control mode).
    • Time delay override code.
    • Three modes of operation: multi-user, dual control, manager/employee.

    EMP Resistant
    • Tested to the highest EMP impact standard.

    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of shipment

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