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  • Hayman Commercial Cashvault Depository safe CV H13K - CV-H13K
  • Hayman Commercial Cashvault Depository safe CV H13K - CV-H13K
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    Hayman CV-H13-K Top Loading Rotary Depository Safe

    The top loading rotary depository safe CV-H13-K made by Hayman, is designed and engineered for larger drops. The beauty is in the details with this safe. The top loading hopper accepts envelopes and deposit bags. Just turn the handle and the drum rotates to drop the deposits into the safe. This makes it nearly impossible to fish your deposit bags and envelopes.

    The safe also comes with many security features. The safe has a B-rate security rating which means that it has a 1/2" solid steel door. Another feature you won't find on other depository safes is the spring loaded re-locking system. This will seal the bolts into the safe cavity if there is a forced entry attempt made. It has a reinforced door frame and locking bolts to prevent pry attacks.

    This rotary depository safe is perfect for any deposits that need to be made. It should be bolted and secured to a concrete floor to prevent removal of the safe. It is secure and durable enough to withstand almost anything you can think of. Get the peace of mind you deserve today and order the CV-H13-K top loading rotary depository safe.


    • Dual key locks.
    • 1/2" solid steel door.
    • 1/8" thick steel body.
    • Hardened drill resistant hard plate.
    • (4) each anchor holes.
    • Spring Loaded Re-locking system to lock down the safe if attacked.
    • Reinforced door frame to resist pry attacks.
    • Auto-detent (auto locking system) will automatically extend the bolt work when the door is closed.
    • Durable powder coated paint is easier to keep clean and longer lasting than most other paints.
    • Depository Opening: 6.25" H x 4.50" W x 7.63" D.
  • Dimensions:
  • Outside: 13.00" H X 8.25" W X 11.75" D
  • Inside: 5.75" H X 8.13" W X 9.25" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 0.25
  • Weight: 44.00
  • Burglar Rating: B-Rate