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    Gardall LCF3020-G-C Commercial Light Duty Depository Safe

    The Gardall LCF3020-G-C Commercial Light Duty Depository Safe allows employees to drop in cash into the front loading hopper without affording access to the safe. It eliminates much of the worry associated with possible theft from someone inside your business or anyone else that may have access to the safe. This allows freedom for owners and managers to not have to be on the premises at all times and gives peace of mind knowing these items are kept secure.

    The Gardall LCF3020-G-C Commercial Light Duty Depository Safe features a B-Rating of 1/8" thick body and 1/2" plate steel door. Other security features include an independent re-locker, anti fish baffle, and laser cut door for exact fit. This is an excellent safe for mounting in delivery vehicles with carriage bolts. There are (4) each mounting holes pre-drilled to bolt the safe to a concrete floor which is highly recommended. We recommend you use "concrete drop-in anchors" available from hardware stores or major home improvement stores.

    The Gardall LCF3020-G-C Commercial Light Duty Depository Safe provides peace of mind and minimizes risk with cash and can be the perfect asset to your business!


    • ½” plate steel door
    • 1/8” thick body
    • Independent re-locker
    • Anti fish sawtooth baffle (to prevent fishing money out)
    • Excellent for mounting in delivery vehicles
    • Mounting holes pre-drilled
    • Available in 4 sizes
    • Laser cut door for exact fit
    • Adjustable or removable shelf
    • Actual Drop size: 3.5" High X 16.5" Wide x 8" Deep. You should not try to drop anything more than 2.5" High x 15.5" Wide x 7" Deep. Why? Because the anti-fish baffles take up some room to prevent fishing money out of the safe.

    When the shelf is removed, there is a 3.45 cubic foot area for the drops. You can also move the shelf down toward the floor of the safe and have a dedicated area below the shelf for rolled coin change or other items you wish to keep separated from the drops.


  • Outside: 30.00" H X 20.00" W X 20.00" D
  • Inside: 19.00" H X 19.50" W X 17.00" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 3.64
  • Weight: 201.00
  • Burglar Rating: B-Rate

  • Covered by Gardall's limited one-year warranty.