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Top 5 Gun Safe Accessories You Should Own

Accessories are a great way to get the most out of your investment in a gun safe. This way you can use the space available in the safe in the most efficient way possible. No safe is complete without certain accessories that complement the security, storage capacity, and the general upkeep of the safe. The accessories also ensure that the firearms are kept free from scratches, rust and moisture condensation. Here are some accessories for gun safes that you should own:

1. Dehumidifiers : Dehumidifiers are one of the most required gun safe accessories. It is available in the form of a rod or a silica gel pack. Dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture that can otherwise cause rust and damage to the interiors of a gun safe.

2. Gun safe lights: TThere are many gun safe lights that can be installed in and around the gun safe. This way, you can access the contents of the safe even in the case of a power cut as these lights are battery powered.

3. Handgun Hangers: Handgun hangers are a great way to utilize the space beneath a shelf or at the top of the safe. They can be easily clipped onto a shelf and can store one handgun in a single holder. It also prevents handguns from getting scratched.

4. Door Panel Kit: Door panel kits are used to add storage without the need to drill. The kit is used to store handguns at the backside of the door. Many kits are also fireproof providing extra protection to the contents of the safe.

5. Rifle rods: Rifle rods allow you to gain more space at the base of the space, especially if you have too many long guns. One end of the rod goes into the gun barrel and the other can be stuck to the roof with a hook-and-loop material. offers a wide range of accessories at the most competitive prices. The store offers gun safes from world renowned brands such as Liberty, Edison, Kodiak, Fort Knox, AMSEC, Fortress, Winchester, Gun Vault, Browning and many more.