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Liberty Safes More Than Just A Manufacturer

When it comes to American made safes, it’s no secret that Liberty’s one of the most popular. So what is all the hype about this company that sets it apart from the rest? Set aside the lifetime warranty, the UL listed locks, and the bolt locking system, what about the company themselves? Liberty goes above and beyond to ensure their customers are getting a top of the line product, and to do so lots of testing is done.

Start with the 100 and 200 feet drop, Liberty Safes allows consumers to watch as they take a competitor’s safe and a Liberty safe and put them on a crane. Each safe is lifted up in the air and then dropped on the opposing safe, to see which one can endure the most. In both of these trials, the competitor’s safe is busted open, while the Liberty safe remains intact! Amazing right? But it doesn’t stop there. Liberty also performs what they call a derby crash test, where a driver gets behind the wheel of a derby vehicle, and rams into both a competitor’s safe as well as a Liberty. When the car hits the competitor’s safe, the door comes flying off, while the Liberty remains assembled. It’s testing and results like this that really makes Liberty a remarkable brand and company.

It doesn’t end there though; Liberty Safes also does an entry level pry test on a Liberty safe as well as two competitor’s safes, to see which safe can outlast the attempts for five minutes. On the first competitor safe, the priers are able to get in within 39 seconds, and only 21 seconds on the second. The Liberty Safe's safe lasts throughout all five minutes and remains unopened, due to the extra steel that is along the door. What’s not to love about a company who doesn’t just promise results, they show you them! These tests are living proof that Liberty truly is one of a kind.

Wondering about fire protection? Well, Liberty Safes tests that too in a head to head fire test! When selecting the correct fire protection, consumers should keep in mind not only how long it will take for the fire department to get there, but also how long it will take them to put out the actual fire. Liberty tests one of their safes and a competitor’s safe at 1200 degrees for 60 minutes (typical house fire conditions) to see which safe holds the best fire rating. Both safes are put in the same oven with the same temperature reading inside. The competitor’s safe is listed as a 60 minute fire rating, but failed in only 23 minutes, while the Liberty safe survived! But if that isn’t enough to convince you, take Allen Glover’s testimonial and see if that helps. His Liberty colonial safe survived a garage fire that destroyed everything else in its path, including a boat and trailer. When he opened his safe all his fire arms, money, and valued belongings were safe! Fire protection doesn’t seem to be an issue for Liberty safes at all, is there anything these safes can’t outlive?

What about natural disasters? No, Liberty Safes doesn’t test for that. However, there are some remarkable stories about owners of Liberty safes that have written to tell about their safe surviving a natural tragedy. Take Shane Woodson for instance; the Jackson, Tennessee resident who lost everything in his house in an F4 tornado back in 2008; everything that wasn’t in his Liberty safe that is. The wind was so powerful that his bolted down safe was thrown 200 feet, but all his valuables remained secured. Shane is one of many along with Dennis Taylor and Glenn Beck who have witnessed their safes last through a tornado. Talk about making real life long customers! It’s testimonials like this that really prove Liberty is more than just a manufacturer.

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