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    Item #: SG6730ADJS
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    Manufacturer: Sargent & Greenleaf 3 Wheel, Front Reading Dial Lock Body

    Dial Ring with Black/White Finish

    U.L. Group 2

    Latch Type: Dead Bolt

    The S&G 6730 Lock is the ultimate commercial grade mechanical safe lock.

    ▪ Non-slip wheel construction using brass, dual lever locking arms mated t machined brass wheel center

    ▪ Simple combination changing via key changeable wheel design

    ▪ Left-right-left dialing sequence – one-handed operation

    ▪ Patented torque adjuster offering perfect resistance for long lift, and maximum resistance to wheel skating and vibration operation

    ▪ Built-in relock trigger to protect against dial and spindle punching attacks

    ▪ Solid brass Lock Bolt – strong enough to resist 225 lbs. of force

    ▪ S&G’s Magic Module footprint allows easy retrofit on existing containers