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Reasons Why Made in the USA Rifle Safes Should Be Your First Choice

It was during the 1990s when gun safe companies started outsourcing the production of their safes. As they did so in hopes to bring down the manufacturing costs, they did succeed to some extent. However, ironically, outsourcing led to delayed order processing and even deteriorated quality. Contradictory to common misconception about imported products, safes that are imported from other countries eventually cost a lot more than the locally manufactured ones due to the heavy taxes involved.

Thankfully, some of the leading companies in the gun safes segment never considered outsourcing their production. For instance, companies such as SentrySafe, Browning, and GunVault have always offered made in the USA rifle safes; a tradition they have maintained to this very day.

Look beyond the obvious reasons

‘Be American, Buy American’ – This could be one of the reasons for which you may contemplate buying American made gun safes. However, there are many other things that made these safes better than the ones made elsewhere. Firstly, American made gun safes conform to most of the applicable standards in the country. Take for instance, the safes offered by SentrySafe. Their safes are in tandem with both UL and ETL safety standards. Companies undertaking the production elsewhere are likely to take their “local” standards into consideration, which may not match the safety and quality standards used in America.

Companies here move with the times

Let’s start with GunVault. They have rightly identified that gun safes must be easily accessible even when it’s dark. So, they have come up with safes that have the patented No-Eyes® Keypad and Bio pad. Buy one of these and the next time you don’t wish to switch on the lights, you would still have lightning-quick access. Here’s another example – the Safes offered by SentrySafe either come with a 3-number combination lock or an electronic LED one. The point is that they have realized these days some people prefer the electronic lock to the combination one. So, they are giving numerous options to choose from.

Pricing is also a factor

When you look for made in the USA rifle safes, you would notice that they are usually available for a price much lower than what is commanded by the safes manufactured elsewhere. Even the shipping charges are less for obvious reasons. The best part is that low pricing doesn’t affect the quality. In fact, high quality safes are available at low prices. Furthermore, when you buy local safes, it becomes easy for you to leverage the warranty, if applicable. For example, safes from SentrySafe usually have 1-year warranty, and since the company is local, you need not worry at all.