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  • Mesa Safes MGL14-AS-E 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite - MGL14-AS-E
  • Mesa Safes MGL14-AS-E 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite - MGL14-AS-E
  • Mesa Safes MGL14-AS-E 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite - MGL14-AS-E
  • Mesa Safes MGL14-AS-E 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite - MGL14-AS-E
  • Mesa Safes MGL14-AS-E 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite - MGL14-AS-E
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    Mesa Safes MGL14-AS-E 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite

    MESA's MGL Series 30 Minute Fire Ammo Lite Safes combine all of the protection features of a burglar safe with the peace of mind of a fire safe to secure your guns and other valuables. These heavy-duty safes, like the rest of our steel-constructed safes, are made entirely of steel. These safes are built specifically for folks who enjoy hunting, collecting firearms as a hobby, and keeping their firearms locked and secure. Rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, ammo, and other sorts of armament should be kept in a heavy-duty and lockable safe. Prevent any accidents caused by unauthorized users, such as minors or those who are unfamiliar with firearms.

    Most importantly, prevent intruders and thieves from stealing your firearms in your home through theft and burglary. Protect your family and friends by keeping them safe.


    • All Steel Construction All Steel Construction
    • 1 Hour Fire Rating 30 minute fire rating, tested in temperatures up to 1200째F
    • Perfect for Storing Ammo & Supplies Fully Upholstered Interior & Adjustable shelving
    • High Strength 12 Gauge Body High Strength Unitized 12 Gauge Body.
    • Advanced Electronic Lock Advanced electronic lock in sleek black finish. Protected by drill-resistant hardplate
    • Outlet & USB Port Interior outlet stip includes 3 Electrical Sockets & 2 USB Ports. Power source cord included.
    • Anchor Holes Provided Four anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the floor
    • Heavy-Duty Steel Hinges Heavy-duty steel hinges
    • Solid Steel Door Thick solid steel door lined with fire-resistant material with heat-activated seal
    • Solid Steel Bolts ¾" Diameter chrome plated live locking bolts


    Exterior 55" 20" 20"

    Interior 52" 18 1⁄2 15"


    Interior Space 6.6 Cubic Feet

    Weight 329 lbs

    Shelving 4

    If you are the original Owner of a Mesa Safe Burglary /Fire Gun Safe/Constitution Series Safe that suffers damage due to theft or fire, Mesa Safe will replace the safe with absolutely no product cost to you. You must provide Mesa Safe with a properly filed police and or fire department report, within 30 days of incident. We will either repair or replace (at our option) with a current production model of comparable value. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY REMOVAL CHARGES AND FOR ANY SHIPPING CHARGES. Under no circumstances will Mesa Safe be held liable for contents of said Safe(s). Proof of purchase or notarized document stating you are in fact the true original owner of the safe is required. This Limited Lifetime warranty is non-transferable. For additional assistance, please contact us. Mesa Safe provides world class customer service and stands behind each of our products 100%.

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