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Getting To Know LpLocks


By name, LpLocks, LLC is one of the newest contenders in the U.S. safe lock supply industry. But LpLocks is not new in experience – its founders, Susan Papa and George Chenarides, have accumulated over 60 years in collective experience in the industry. Launched in 2007, LpLocks brings this experience to the marketplace with an excellent record of product quality, service and prompt delivery.

LpLocks’ new product line is brought to the marketplace by the design ingenuity of NL Lock’s Nick Gartner. As the founder La Gard, Mr. Gartner brings his almost 40 years of incomparable design expertise and industry and marketplace knowledge to LpLocks.

Mr. Gartner founded La Gard in 1974, and in the mid-1980s weathered a storm of skepticism over his idea for a user-friendly digital safe lock that was also reliable; to date, hundreds of thousands of digital locks have been sold. Mr. Gartner was granted a number of patents for his lock designs, and La Gard grew into a multi-million dollar company.

LpLocks’ product line includes a growing variety of UL- and VdS-listed electronic and mechanical safe locks. These cutting-edge designs address today’s security concerns, including perceived vulnerabilities of solenoid designs.

LpLocks electronic locks start with the fundamental Base Line series. New innovations have improved the standard features of time delay and time lock functions, multiple-user and audit capabilities. To keep ahead of security vulnerabilities, LpLocks continuously improves this line with additional functions and features.

LpLocks mechanical locks are unique in the industry, featuring the “sealed” U.L. Group 2M lock, the simplest and speediest to install in the industry (when used with its corresponding dial and ring assembly).

Locks offered by LpLocks are among the fastest and easiest to install and their reliability has proven exceptional, making them highly-desirable for both manufacturers and field service technicians worldwide.

LpLocks pledges to provide reliable and quality products, timely technical support and exceptional customer service. You can count on it.