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    Hayman MMM-5020 Minuteman Magnum Quick Access Gun Safe

    Having your guns secured in a gun safe is great, but does it give you the quick access you need in an emergency? The Hayman MM-4814 Minuteman Quick Access Gun Safe was created just for this purpose. There is no other safe on the market that is built to give you this quick of access to your weapons when you need them.

    The Patented Pending Hayman MMM-5020 Minuteman Magnum Quick Access Gun Safe uses a UL listed top-lit electronic lock (or the optional biometric lock) to open the door. The door hinges from the bottom presenting your guns to you. There is no need to reach into a gun safe and fumble around to get a loaded long gun or handgun. Just pick up the gun you want and it's ready to deploy, muzzle down for safety.

    The Hayman MMM-5020 Minuteman Magnum Quick Access Gun Safe doesn't just provide the quick access you need. It also provides security. The recessed door has interlocking ears along both edges fully locking the door and sides of the safe together preventing forcible entry. A solid deadbolt automatically extends as the door closes, locking the safe.

    Another great feature of the Hayman MMM-5020 Minuteman Magnum Quick Access Gun Safe is the motion-activated interior light. This means when the door opens, the light turns on illuminating your weapons so that you don't need to turn a light on. The keypad on the lock is also backlit so you can see the lock in the dark.

    You may have a primary safe with your main gun collection but the Hayman MMM-5020 Minuteman Quick Access Gun Safe is perfect for holding those weapons you need to protect yourself in an emergency.


    • Bigger & Badder than its little brother, the Minuteman Magnum holds more than you would expect.
    • Guns are stored both on the door and in the body.
    • It mounts to the floor thru 4 holes in the bottom for security.
    • Easy access to a long gun, handgun, and flashlight.
    • As the door opens the guns are presented in a muzzle down ready to deploy attitude.
    • Adjustable muzzle support allows long guns up to 39" long to be ready at a moment's notice.
    • Solid Steel Construction
    • UL listed top-lit electronic lock
    • Biometric lock option
    • Stand-alone security
    • Secure from WIFI, Bluetooth, or RFID hacking
    • No keys to lose or be stolen
    • Battery accessible from outside
    • Motion-activated interior light
    • Patent Pending


    • Body: 50.00" H x 20.00" W x 12.00" D (including flange)
    • Weight: 170 Pounds