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  • Hayman FS2300B Polyethylene In-Floor Safe - FS2300C
  • Hayman FS2300B Polyethylene In-Floor Safe - FS2300C
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    Item #: FS2300C
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    Hayman FS2300B Floor Safe

    Our patented "Poly" safe represents the most dramatic design innovation ever for in-floor safes. This safe provides features never before dreamed of, such as; storage shelves. When an in-floor safe is what you need, this is the one you want.


    • Interchangeable Door with FS series safes
    • 1/2" Solid Steel sliding bar door
    • Clear Door Opening: 10 3/4" x 12 1/4"
    • Patented, Spring-assisted, Lift-off Door
    • Patented Polyethylene Body is Rustproof and Leak Resistant
    • Dual Relock System
    • Drill Resistive Hardplate
    • UL Listed S & G Combination Locks
    • Carpeted Floors
    • 1/4" thick steel door collar goes down 4.5" into the concrete
    • 1/2" Thick Door Frame welded to the door collar
    • Versatile Storage System
    • Steel Cover plate above the safe door that flushes with concrete
    • Guaranteed protection against Fire, Burglary, & Seepage. See Hayman's Floor Safe Guarantee above below Warranty & Manual Documents
    • Steel Cover plate above the safe door that flushes with concrete

    Installation Methods

    Cement Floor:

    Break through concrete floor with a sledge hammer or a drill, chip a hole to desired size. Dig out under the floor as shown in illustration below to about 3 inches below position of safe. The more reinforced concrete that can be placed around safe, the greater the security. Partially fill hole with concrete mixture and reinforcement, place the safe in the hole and push the safe down until the top is level with the finished floor. Finish adding the new concrete around the safe. Make sure the top of the safe is kept level with finished floor.


    • Remove the safe door during installation and store it out of the way, reinstall after cement is set.
    • Seal the dust cover with duct tape to prevent cement from seeping inside.
    • No additional preparation is required to the body of a HAYMAN In-Floor Safe.
    • If safe is placed where water might run into it, raise safe slightly above floor level and taper concrete up to dust cover level.

    Installation When Pouring New Construction Floor:

    Order your safe with the water Resistive Seal for new construction installations. Dig out ground to provide a form as shown for cement floor installation, put safe in position in live concrete in hole and adjust safe to floor level. When safe is locked securely by the setting up of cement, fill remaining hole and finish slab pour.


    Many safe manufactures interrupt the height and depth dimensions differently. See diagram below for proper way to read floor safe dimensions. The height is top to bottom, width is left to right and depth is front to back.

    Safe Measurements

    Lifetime Guarantee - Polymer Body Safes:

    Hayman Safe Company will, at their option, replace or repair any of the polymer-body floor safes equipped with a slide bolt mechanism or better that are successfully burglarized. All polymer-body safes damaged by fire or seepage through the body will, at Hayman's option, be repaired or replaced. Improper installation can nullify this guarantee.

    Construction Seal Option

    Installed at factory for new construction sites. Prevents debris from falling into the body of the safe during new construction and prevents workers from falling into the open hole.

    Hayman Construction Seal

    Hayman FS2300B Polyethylene In-Floor Safe

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    • Dimensions:
    • Outside: 15.00" H X 18.50" W X 15.50" D
    • Inside: 12.00" H X 17.00" W X 13.25" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 1.56
    • Weight: 76.00
    • Burglar Rating: B-Rate Learn More
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    • Dimensions:
    • Outside: 15.00" H x 18.50" W x 15.50" D
    • Inside: 12.00" H x 17.00" W x 13.25" D
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 1.56
    • Weight: 40