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  • Carry Optics Handgun Hangers - COHH2
  • Carry Optics Handgun Hangers - COHH2
  • Carry Optics Handgun Hangers - COHH2
  • Carry Optics Handgun Hangers - COHH2
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    Carry Optics Handgun Hangers provide an innovative way to store pistols with carry optics by utilizing the wasted space underneath the shelf. With Handgun Hangers, guns are easy to access and minimize wasted space. As an individual gun storage hook, as opposed to a gun rack, single guns can be tucked in a small space and clear up shelf space. Great for use in your gun safe or on any shelf throughout your home and office.


    • Organize and Store carry optic guns under shelf
    • Shelf placement: Under shelf; front of shelf
    • No installation; slide easily onto existing shelf
    • Create extra storage space in your safe
    • Easy access to guns


    • Extra space for carry optics - 1¾" drop from bottom of shelf
    • Easy to install without removing the shelf
    • Fits on shelves ⅝ - ⅞” thick
    • Vinyl coated
    • Fits as small as a 22 caliber
    • Allow room for length of gun and ensure door will shut when using this product. Shelf must be at least 10.5" deep to use this product.
    • 9.5” W x 3.25” H


    I have metal or plastic shelves. How can I make this product work for me?
    • Our Handgun Hangers are made to be used on shelves within 5/8" - 1" in thickness. The only way around this is to replace your metal/plastic shelf or add a piece of 3/4" thick plywood to the underside of your current shelf. If replacing your shelf is not an option, Multi-Mags will store semi-automatics in a similar fashion underneath a shelf.
    When pulling my pistol off the Handgun Hanger, the hanger slides off of the shelf. How can I fix this?
    • This is a very easy fix. The steel wire is very strong, but it can be crimped enough to tighten the grip on the shelf. Try this method and if you still are not satisfied with the Handgun Hangers hold on the shelf, place a shim of some sort between the shelf and the Handgun Hanger. The shim could be a piece of thick fabric, a small piece of cardboard, etc.
    Will the vinyl coating on the Handgun Hangers ever wear off?
    • We have not had any problems with this because we use a very thick, quality vinyl for our coating that is scratch and oil resistant. If you are storing a particularly heavy gun on your Handgun Hanger that pulls the rod down slightly, keep an eye on the vinyl coating. If a certain gun is accessed often, over time the coating is more susceptible to wear.
    Are there any installation instructions for Handgun Hangers?
    • Each style of Handgun Hangers simply slide onto the shelf. Even the Back-Under and Back-Over Handgun Hangers install without a need to remove the shelf. Slide the product up or down between the shelf and back wall and twist to install. The Original Handgun Hangers and Back-Under Handgun Hangers have reversible sides for different thicknesses of shelves. See which side works best with your shelf before putting it to use.

    5 Year Warranty