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Biometric Wall Safes For Easy Access During An Emergency

People want the ultimate protection for their firearms and other valuables. However, they also look for ease of access. Opting for a wall safe allows you to keep valuables and firearms not just safe in your home, but also easily accessible. The great advantage of having a wall safe is that it’s built into the wall of your home, attached to the studs. For additional security, you can also cover the safe with a removable picture or panel which makes it difficult for any unknown person from accessing it. A good hidden safe not only protects your guns from burglars but also away from the reach of your children. For those who wish to keep their valuables at home, a biometric wall safe would be an excellent way of protecting and securing them.

The benefits of biometric safes are:

Cutting Edge Security Technology

The main benefit that a biometric wall safe offers is the best of cutting edge biometric technologies. These safes make use of the best technology to provide the ultimate security to your firearms and valuables. The fingerprint wall safe is the most commonly used option and utilizes your fingerprint to confirm your identity before opening the vault. However, there are some wall safes that make use of other biometric information such as face recognition, DNA, or iris recognition and other behavioral traits that are not limited to voice, typing rhythm, and gait -also known as body mechanics.

Can be easily installed anywhere in the home

These biometric wall safes can be easily installed anywhere in your home. Since they are built in the wall, it’s easy to put them in a closet, bedroom, hallway, pantry, or even the bathroom. Larger freestanding safes take up a lot of room and won’t fit just anywhere, but a wall safe will easily go in any room making it a flexible biometric home security choice.

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