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Why I Love my Liberty Safe

I love my Liberty safe! I honestly believe that they make the best safes on the market. I wouldn't own anything else for securing my firearms. In fact, I found it interesting when I learned that over 4 million households are burglarized in the United States every year. Also, statistics show that violent gun crimes in America are most often committed by youths who get the guns from their own homes. Plus, millions of guns are stolen each year. In fact, the National Crime Information Center reports that they have more than 2 million stolen guns on file. I'd say that the risk of danger from unsecured or stolen firearms is pretty high.

A Liberty safe is extensively tested by trying to expose any weakness it might have. They drill, hammer, chisel, punch, pry and otherwise mess with the safes to try to identify any potential weak spots or vulnerabilities. Obviously, different models offer different features and levels of security, but here are some features to consider and compare in a safe when you are looking at how secure it might be.

  • What is the quality and feel of the general construction? Think of things like whether the door is constructed of solid sheet steel or not. Is the steel laminated? Is it welded to the door edge? One thing that distinguishes a Liberty safe from many others is that, on some of their models, they put multiple layers of fire board insulation between the layers of steel and the hardened steel plate they use in their doors.
  • How thick is the body of the safe? The more expensive models have thicker bodies and doors for a higher level of protection. One of the things I especially appreciate about my Liberty safe (all of their full-size safes actually have this) is the seamless steel body construction of the welded seams. This means that with the seams welded it makes it pretty tough for someone to pry the safe open.
  • Is the door reinforced with things like hardened plate steel. You'd be surprised at how many safes are made without this. A Liberty safe does! Hardened steel just means that the steel is heat treated to make it really strong. Heating the steel hardens it so that it is more resistant to breakage, penetration or bending. Every Liberty safe has some amount of hardened steel in their doors.
  • How many locking bolts does it have, and what is the configuration of the bolts?

These are just some of the features to familiarize yourself with when looking at safes. Of course, safes with better features are going to cost more. But, like everything else, just identify your real need and do your homework. If you can do that then you will feel good about the money you spend. You can find a safe that works for you and your budget. I am so glad that I found a safe with the quality and features I wanted and am extremely proud to be an owner of a Liberty safe.