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What to Look for when Shopping for a Browning Gun Safe

According to the Browning Company, all safes not created equal and that what you can't see does matter. A Browning gun safe as many innovations, some essential and some that are premium features, that were pioneered by Browning but that are now recognized industry wide. Some which contribute to theft protection and other to fire protection.

Lets take a look at what you should look for when shopping for a safe and why.

  • Vault type cam locking systems
  • Advanced fire protection
  • Easy access
  • High capacity gun storage

A safe must be tough to break into, tough enough to keep a thief at bay until he either gives up because it is taking too long to break in or is too loud. Top notch theft protection is why you want a vault type cam locking system. Burglars usually attack a safe's door, and the best doors are made from multiple pieces of steel. This makes the door rigid. If a door as play in it (can bend a bit),then it is only made from one piece of steel and bent to look thick - not very secure. The locking system is core to any safe's security. The locking system prevents or allows the locking bolts to move. On a cheap safe, with the door open, pound on a bolt. If the bolt moves, it is not good. To break into such a safe, if a thief knows where the bolts are located on the door, he just has to drill through and hammer on the bolts to make them recede. A Browning gun safe with the vault type cam locking system has immovable bolts when hammered upon. The energy goes to the cam system and not to the lock. If the bolts don't budge,the door is not opening!

The door frame is another important security point, If the door frame is weak, it can be pried and bent to enter the safe. The door frame should be reinforced using steel for added strength, not wood or sheet rock. A Browning gun safe only uses steel. By feeling along the door frame of any safe you should be able to tell if it has steel for reinforcement.

For a more secure safe, the lock should not be exposed on the back (inside) side of the door, the lock should be wrapped in steel to protect it from drill and punch attacks. Some of the other security details that you can't see are continuous welds on the safe box, and an anti-drill deflector plate on the Premium safes.

When it comes to advanced fire protection,the first thing you should look for is the thickness of the insulation and if there are gaps in the insulation. A premium Browning gun safe will have multiple layers of insulation and no gaps.

For easy access, a Browning gun safe has external ball bearing hinges which allows the door to open 180° and also allows the door to be removed, which helps lighten the load when you have to move the safe. You might think that external hinges would be a security risk, but even if the hinges are cut off, the door will not open because of the locking bolts behind the hinges.

One of the best features of convenience on a Browning gun safe is their interior storage systems that allows you to store more than you would think possible in an organized and flexible manner, including using the door back for storage. These internal organizers can really increase the safe's capacity for long guns, or handguns and other small items depending which system you choose.

Inside any Browning gun safe you will find an elevated floor that makes removing your guns easier and avoids damage to the stocks. All safes have a molded port hole for an electrical cord so that you can add lights or other electrical accessories.

As they like to say about a Browning gun safe, "Browning helps you get the most into and out of your safe". So, decide why you need a safe and what you need it for and then go shopping with intelligent questions to ask the salesman.