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  • Vault Pro Silver Eagle Series - 35 Gun Safe - SE-640
  • Vault Pro Silver Eagle Series - 35 Gun Safe - SE-640
  • Vault Pro Silver Eagle Series - 35 Gun Safe - SE-640
  • Vault Pro Silver Eagle Series - 35 Gun Safe - SE-640
Price: $2,999.00
    Item #: SE-640
    Availability: Custom Built - Usually Ships in 8-10 Weeks
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    Silver Eagle Series Safes

    10 Gauge (1/8") steel thickness standard on Silver Eagle Safes

    All Vault Pro USA gun safes are made in the USA and feature top quality materials and finishes. Our American made safes come with a substantial list of standard features and can be customized to meet any specific customer requirements.

    Enjoy the Peace of Mind You Deserve!

    Superior Fire and Burglary Protection

    Safe Sizes:
    72" Tall by 30", 40", 50" or 60" Wide
    60" Tall by 30" or 40" Wide
    Standard safe depth is 28" including handle

    • Vault Pro Safes are Proudly Made in Santa Fe Springs, California
    • Built to exceed UL Residential Security Container Specifications
    • Built to exceed Department of Justice standards

    Hand Fit 2” Double Step System Safe Door & Frame

    • 5-1/2” Total Door Thickness
    • Gap between safe door & frame is only 1/16”
    • Dual Palusol® Gasket (Double Seals Door in Fire)

    Active Bolt Safe Locking System

    • U.L. Listed, American Made Group II Locks
    • 4" x 1-1/2” Locking Bolts
    • 3-Way Active Bolt Locking System
    • 360° Independently Rotating Bolts
    • Bolts lock behind a ¾” Protective Stepped Frame
    • 1/2" of Case Hardened (60+ Rockwell) Hard Plate
    • Titan Dual Re-locker (Brass Arm & Titan Re-Locker)
    • 14 to 18 Locking Bolts Total
      (14 on 60" models and 18 on 72" models.)

    Superior Fire Protection

    • 90 minutes at 1650°
    • Maxfire - HP 2300° Ceramic Fire Blanket in Door
    • 3-layers of X-Rate fireboard in body

    2 in 1 Convertible Interior

    • Plush American Made Rontex™ Interior
    • Convertible Shelving with Gun Racks

    Silver Eagle Series Safe Colors

    • Textured: Black, White, Brown or Gray
    • Gloss Finishes Available

    Lifetime Warranty

    • Break-in
    • Fire

    Ceramic 2300° Fireproofing

    From Space Shuttle tiles & kilns to kitchen counters, ceramic’s have been used in the most extreme fire, heat and thermal conditions.

    If you have sensitive electronics, documents, film, etc. and are concerned about the contents of your safe surviving a fire, you need Vault Pro’s Ceramic Fireproofing.

    Vault Pro offers 1880° protection for up to 2 hours using Max-Fire 2300° F Ceramic Fiber Blanket in conjunction with multiple layers of X-Rate Fire board & our Step System Doors that seal against dual Palusol® Gaskets on multiple levels nothing else comes close. Max-Fire 2300° F Ceramic Fiber Blanket comes standard in all Vault Pro American Eagle Series safes.


    • 60" H x 40" W x 28" D
    • Depth Includes Handle
    • 1175 lbs


    Fire - If your Vault Pro, Inc. safe or vault door is damaged during a fire, Vault Pro, Inc. will replace your safe for Free.

    Break-In - If your Vault Pro, Inc. safe of vault door is attacked and force entered they will either repair or replace it for free.

    Manufacturer Defect - In most cases, Vault Pro, Inc. will repair your safe or vault door on site due to manufacturer defect.

    Extended Life Time Warranties

    • Lifetime Lock and Attempted Break-In are not standard warranties. Locks are warranted by the manufacturer for a period of one year from date of purchase. Extended life time warranties on locks and Attempted Break-in Warranties are available at time of purchase or within 30 days of purchase.
    • Vault Pro, Inc., Fully Warranties and stands behind the products it manufactures.
    • Vault Pro, Inc. does not cover the contents of safes or vaults, or the installation/removal of safes or vault doors for any reason under any circumstances.
    • A police/fire report will need to be properly filed and provided to Vault Pro along with proof of purchase and owners identification in order to activate any fire or break-in warranty. In some cases Vault Pro will require your safe or vault door to be returned to us for proper inspection and repair/replacement. Vault Pro will guarantee return shipping on any product properly sent to us for repair or replacement.

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