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Steelwater HD593924-BLK

Hello gun safes enthusiasts!  This article was written with the intent of giving you the rundown on a great safe that boasts a list of great features; the Steelwater HD593924-BLK.

First, let’s begin by taking note of its massive capacity.  A total of 39 long guns can be accommodated for, if you choose to remove the side shelving.  The interior is organized in a 13-13-13 bay system, allowing for customization of the arrangement based on your storage needs, and the six short shelves are fully adjustable and removable, as is the one long shelf on top.

The extended fire rating is a huge plus.  Tested to 2 hours at 1875 degrees, Steelwater has manufactured a safe that provides serious peace of mind in the unthinkable were to happen, and a house fire were to occur.  An impressive four layers of fireboard, totaling 1.5” thick, completely encases the body of the safe.  And in addition, a ¼” layer of “fire barrier” lining has been added for extra protection in the walls, door, ceiling, floor and jambs, as well as a heat activated expandable door seal.

When it comes to security, Steelwater Safes is synonymous with reliability.  Working from the outside in, they started with 9 gauge steel.  If that wasn’t enough, they added a 5 ¼ “composite door with a ¼ “solid steel plate.  Within the door they placed (18) 1 ½” solid steel locking bolts; 11 active and 7 stationary, creating full 4-sided coverage.  On top of that, a drill/ballistic hard plate, gear-driven lock and bolt system and spring-loaded relockers have been incorporated into the design.  Taken collectively, these security features have created one impenetrable safe.

The HD593924 also comes with all of the extras that you would expect: a pre-drilled dehumidifier hole, fully upholstered interior, pre-drilled anchor holes and handsome black gloss finish with silver pin striping and chrome 5-spoke handle.  And as an added bonus, UL listed LaGard Group II “Visions Guard” locks are used on every safe, with additional lock options available to best suit your needs.

So, if you’re in the market for a first rate safe, with exceptional fire protection and security, the Steelwater HD593924-BLK gun safe should be topping your list.  And to find the best prices on Steelwater safes, as well as all gun safes and gun safes accessories, look no further than