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Sentry Safes Waterproof and Fire Resistant Hard Drive

Today we live in a digital world, and many of our important documents are stored and backed up on external hard drives. But if fire, flooding or other natural disasters occur, a hard drive offers very little protection from damage. Unless you have Sentry Safes Fire-Safe Waterproof Hard Drive. It boasts offering ETL Verified fire protection for 30 minutes up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, and is ETL Verified waterproof meaning that it is fully submersible in water for up to 24 hours.

Data has become one of the most valuable things that we own, and as such we need to protect it. Digital files include: photos, letters, financial details, music, genealogy, work documents, and so on, all of which we would be devastated to lose. So one must ask, just how good is this hard drive? In response to this question, the British TV show, The Gadget Show, put the 250gb version of this safe to the test. The show was about blowing things up, so they went the extra mile to test Sentry Safes claims of fire and water protection.

In the first test, the hard drive is placed in a pool of water. Here I noticed the first interesting thing, the hard drive floated. On the show, the female hostess said that the hard drive is encased in a super tough concrete based shell, but I had my doubts when I saw it float. So I checked out the Sentry Safes website and discovered that the Maxtor hard drive is sealed in a self-contained, injection molded case, what exactly it is made up of, I do not know. Back to the test, not only did they put the hard drive in a pool, but they then set off a small "depth charge" under the idea that it would subject the hard drive to pressure and reveal any cracks or weaknesses that would let the water in. Needless to say, the Sentry Safes waterproof hard drive passed the test with flying colors.

Next, the hard drive was exposed to extreme heat, which is normally very bad for digital data. The protective shell that makes up Sentry safes fire resistant hard drive is made with fire proof chemicals for added protection. The hard drive was subjected to a propane fueled fire ball that continued to burn for awhile after ignition. When tested for damage, everything on the hard drive was still intact.

Their last test was a shock test. Past experience of other similar tests have shown that electronics do not stand up well to severe shock and impact. This nifty hard drive was placed on top of 200 grams of gun powder and blown sky high. The hard drive was blown out of its protective case, but was still intact. When tested, all data survived. The hosts of The Gadget Show were very surprised and impressed, they had never seen anything like it before.

For all this protection, you might expect something a bit monstrous, but it really isn't much bigger than a standard hard drive. It measures only 10.5" high, just over 13" wide and just under 7" deep. It will work with both Windows and Mac based computers, using a normal USB cable. It is a sharp looking hard drive with a durable, high gloss silver finish. Some of its extra security features include password protection and data encryption. And if you do experience a fire, flood or other disaster, Sentry Safes has a Data Recovery Support Program. This basically means that they will retrieve all the data on your damaged Sentry Safes Fire-Safe Waterproof Hard Drive, save it onto a new hard drive and send you the new drive with all your precious data intact!

So, when thinking about purchasing Sentry safes to protect your physical valuables, don't overlook the importance of your digital data!