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Sentry Safe Keeping You Secure

Sentry Safe has been a leader in the safe industry since its inception in 1930; that makes eighty years of quality protection of valuables. The company was started by John D. Brush Sr. and Willard Punnett and has remained a family-owned company since the first day. Sentry is committed to maintaining the personal and special characteristics of a family business. They care for their employees and community while at the same time manufacturing the highest quality product. They seize every opportunity to improve their product offering, and continually pioneer their field. Groundbreaking improvements are no surprise at Sentry because they are always setting new standards of fire resistance, locking technology and even introduced the first data and document security product that is fire-resisant and uses a USB cable to connect to computers.

From their original, small operation, they have grown into a global company. From headquarters and manufacturing facilities in New York and Indiana, they fill customers' needs in over fifty countries. Their business values are a tribute to the company. From their mission statement it is clear that they focus on four things: quality, loyalty, growth and innovation. The quality of product as well as customer service puts Sentry safe at the top of any list, while loyalty runs deep. Employees are dedicated to the company and do their best to fulfill the quality demands. The family business rewards them, and the symbiotic relationship means that everyone, especially the customer, is treated well. Sentry's growth is a thing of wonder; from their first year of business, when they produced 200 safes of one specific model, they have reached the point where today, they produce high numbers of over 200 models of safes each year.

Clearly, they offer a wide variety of safes to ensure you and your valuables have the greatest possible protection. There are numerous options of sizes and capacities, and their fire-safe models can endure up to 1850 degrees for up to two hours. They are UL classified and ETL verified. Always innovating in all areas, the waterproof models can be fully submerged for an entire hour without damage to the items inside. They feature steel construction, live locking bolts and a wide range of lock types. For very reasonable prices, your valuables can receive the greatest protection possible.

The Sentry Safe home and business collections include choices for cash and key boxes, security safes, small capacity fire-safes, fire files, fire-safes and executive safes. The file safes of the commercial line are sure to keep any important documents safe from prying eyes and unexpected accidents. The gunsafes are safe secure and come in many different capacities- for 5, 10, 14, 24 and 36 guns. Each safe has easy access, and a four-way interior that is easily convertible. The gunsafe models are fire and heat-proof up to 1400 degrees for up to thirty minutes. The top-notch security provided by Sentry gunsafes helps you protect your valuables and firearms as well as your loved ones.

Fire damage can be fatal for a business; when businesses lose their operating records in a fire, 30% end up having to shut down forever. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments in the United States respond to a fire every 19 seconds. Sentry has taken it upon themselves to offer the best fire protection in the business. The UL (Underwriters Laboratory) tests are conducted independently of Sentry Safe. In order to earn this classification, the items inside the safe must be completely undamaged after being subjected to thirty minutes at 1550 degrees, one hour at 1700 degrees or 2 hours at 1850 degrees depending on the type of material stored in the safe. Sentry goes the extra mile and also puts their products through ETL Semko testing, which verifies again the fire endurance capacity in comparison to the manufacturer's specifications. Some specific models are put through the UL Explosion Hazard test, as well; in order to pass this test, the product does not explode when subjected to a flash fire of 2000 degrees fahrenheit. Fire-Impact testing is also performed on some Sentry safe models; in this test, the products are heated to temperatures specified depending on the model and then dropped 15 or 30 feet, cooled, turned upside down and reheated. If the product opens at any time during the test or the contents are unusable, the product does not pass the test.

Sentry safe has a long reputation of high quality products and customer service, and with the great variety of safes and storage products available, you are sure to find whatever you need to keep your valuables safe.