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Safes for Security and Protection

Following a tall spike in 2008, gun sales rose steadily for almost two years. Economic hardships across the board caused declines in purchases of cars, furniture, clothes, and other items, but gun sales saw the opposite reaction. In 2008, they rose 8 to 10 percent, as people began to worry about possible new gun control laws and other changes. In a tough economy, the risks of crime and civil disorder rise, which may also have been a factor in the increasing interest in firearms. People may have felt the need to buy weapons in order to ensure personal safety during times of uncertainty. Despite any action on the part of the Obama administration regarding the 2nd Amendment or gun control, the sales continued to grow.

This trend is not new; in 1994, there was another peak in gun purchases when President Clinton pushed for a ban on military-style rifles. After the tragedy at Virginia Tech, worries about restrictions on handguns led to a run on small guns and concealed gun permits; some states experienced up to a 60 percent increase. However, it's not just the idea of the 2nd Amendment or self-defense that had people stocking up; it's the fact that if a new firearms ban were put in place, their collection would be an investment with rapidly increasing value. During the ban between 1994 and 2004, firearms already in circulation could be resold, so people in possession of the desired items were able to get almost any price. These and other causes meant that many popular gun models were back-ordered for months, even up to a year. Manufacturers plants were operating round the clock, and values have already begun to soar.

For some, investing in ammunition was believed to promise better returns than money markets and CDs, and as much as doubling their investment in a year is hoped for. As opposed to gold and silver, whose value fluctuates, gun enthusiasts promised that firearms will only increase in value.

Today, as the economy starts to look up, the soaring gun sales have slowed down a bit, but are still almost 25 percent higher than they were in 2007 and early 2008. The new purchases are not just being hidden away, either; interest in target shooting and hunting is growing, as are petitions and movements concerning the legality of openly carrying.

If you've been a part of this nation-wide movement, chances are you're in need of some secure storage for your purchases. Guns do not belong in closets or on shelves, but in designated gun safes. Not only do gun safes ensure the safety of your firearms from fire, water, or would-be thieves, but they also protect unwitting family members or house guests from stumbling into a dangerous situation while looking for an extra towel, or perhaps snooping around for Christmas gifts. Your investment in firearms requires the sufficient protection and security found only in gun safes.

There is an incredibly wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, ensuring your complete satisfaction and a perfect fit for you and your home, or even vehicle. Truck vaults are available for gun storage in your SUV, and console vaults that can fit in even more vehicle models. Floor safes provide exceptional protection and security for your valuables while not taking up any room in your house, other than beneath it and the area needed for the top of the vault, which can be covered with a rug or furniture for the ultimate in concealment. Bed safes ensure that no one will be disturbing your safe during the night without you knowing about it, since it's concealed underneath the box springs of your bed.

Everyone knows the main brands of gun safes- Winchester, Browning, etc- and these have definitely earned their good reputations, but there are also other reliable manufacturers out there. One lesser-known but no less deserving of mention is Rhino Safe. Rhino Safes use a revolutionary new lock system with innovative security enhancements. They're also available with a variety of wall thicknesses to protect against grinding and cutting attacks. They have heavy-bodied construction, great fire ratings, and surprisingly low prices. They're definitely worth some time spent exploring the many options offered.

From small handgun safes to truck vaults to large safes that can hold dozens of guns, there is a safe that fits your specifications and will protect you, your family and your valuables.