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Real Life Examples of the Toughness of Liberty Safes

Liberty safes are just one brand of many great safes on the market to protect your guns, valuables, collectibles, important documents, family heirlooms or whatever you might have that you want to protect from fire or theft. But one thing that Liberty offers to make them stand a part from the rest is their Lifetime Warranty. Liberty protects against both fire or attempted break-in. A few of the highlighted points of their warranty include:

  • Guaranteed for Life
  • Free Safe Replacement
  • Free Delivery (of replacement)
  • Transferable Warranty

There are some great stories about Liberty safes that have survived fires and natural disasters. No one expects these types of things to happen to them, but it does happen and those who get through with the most hope are those who are prepared.

One tragic incident in recent history were the wild fires of 2007 in Southern California. The winds were blowing with gusts up to 80 mile per hour and the fire reached temperatures up to 2000°F. The fire was so bad that fire fighters described it as a "horizontal blow torch". Many people, including Kim Crossler, faced mandatory evacuation. Kim and his wife placed many personal items in their Liberty safe before fleeing the area. After the fire burned its course and they were allowed to return, they found nothing left of their home except their charred safe. They contacted Liberty about opening the safe. Once opened, they were happy to discover that all of the contents inside the safe was intact, the only indication of the fire and extreme heat was the curling on the corners of a few family photos. The Crosslers were much more fortunate than most people, they had items that survived the devastation, items protected in their safe. Other people had safes, but not all made it through such extreme wild fires, but the Liberty safes did.

Not only are Liberty safes built to withstand extreme fires and attempted break-ins, but Shane Woodson's Liberty withstood an F4 tornado in Jackson, Tennessee in February 2005. Tornado's are rated on the Fujita scale from F0 to F5, with F5 being the worst type, total destruction, tornado. Only about 1% of all tornados earn a rating of F4. This magnitude of a tornado has winds ranging from 207 - 260 mph, and has a damage path ranging from 400 - 900 meters across. This type of tornado is devastating, even well constructed houses are leveled and weak structures are blown away, cars are thrown and large missiles generated. Shane's Liberty safe was picked up and thrown 200 feet and was still connected to part of the floor when he found it. The safe was beat up a bit, but everything inside survived.

One key feature in all Liberty safes is that they have fully penetrated wells in both the body and the one piece composite doors. Experience has shown that this type of construction gives a strong and rigid safe door and body which is key to maintaining a safes structure during a fire, break in or even an F4 tornado. As Shane Woodson said, "You guys make one tough safe."

Like the fire, many people experienced total loss and devastation, but for at least one Liberty safe owner, important items were preserved giving him a strong basis for starting over. All safes offer a degree of protection, but Liberty safes have proven in real life situations to withstand extreme circumstances. And not only were their items preserved, but under warranty, they did not have to purchase a new safe! These are just a few of the stories of real people who were glad they had the protection of a great home safe.