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Not all Fireproof Gun Safes are Created Equal

Fireproof gun safes are something many people with guns are very interested in, and with good reason. Guns are expensive, potentially dangerous, and certainly deserving of being stored in a safe and appropriate location, like a fireproof safe. Before I get too far along here let me just make a comment about the idea that gun safes are fireproof. This term, "fireproof", is just a little misleading. Nothing is absolutely immune from the ravages of heat and fire if subjected to it intensely enough and for a long enough period of time. Granted, there are products that certainly resist fire, but you would be hard pressed to find something that is actually fireproof in the truest and fullest sense of the word.

Manufacturers produce high quality gun safes that are branded as fire resistant or even fireproof, but you just need to know that different standards are applied by different manufacturers when determining how to market their products. There is no national standard by which all manufacturers must measure their product's level of fireproofing against. When shopping for a fireproof gun safe, just be sure to do your homework. Understand what the rating systems mean, then you will be able to purchase a safe with an accurate understanding as to the level of protection you should actually feel justified in having for your guns and other valuables.

Most top flight manufacturers of fireproof gun safes like, Liberty, Browning, and others, subject their products to a rigorous testing procedure and development process. Wall, ceiling, door, and floor panels are built with the right materials to withstand high heats for different amounts of time. The average home fire in America that firemen are called on to extinguish has been found to have a life span of just 30 minutes. Many safe manufacturers consider their products "fireproof" if the contents of the safe is undamaged by the heat for at least that amount of time. Top manufacturer's have their safes tested by independent laboratories, so understanding the language used by UL is very helpful in choosing the right safe.

Another company that does a particularly good job of testing and development of their fireproof gun safes is Sentry. This is a company that has been making safes for many years, and has a proven track record of success. Customers report back to them a very high degree of protection of their valuables when subjected to a fire. The same thing cannot be said, unfortunately, for other manufacturers who will remain unnamed. The point is that you can find adequate protection for your guns, jewelry, cash, financial papers, and other things you want to keep safe from the devastating loss that can come from a fire. You don't have to settle for ineffective and cheap fireproof gun safes that really shouldn't be sold at all.

If I were looking to purchase fireproof gun safes I would just remember that there are not standardized quality levels that manufacturers must meet, and that leaves a lot of room for marketing efforts that may actually mislead and misinform. I would stick with purchasing from companies who make high quality safes like those I've mentioned above. If you do this, then you won't be devastated with terrible losses of your valuables should you be unfortunate enough to have to go through the awful experience of a house fire. Diligence now will pay off handsomely for you should that ever happen.