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Modern Safes Are Amazing

Contemporary safes are simply amazing in both design and function. They protect valuables from theft, fire, and even water damage. And while no safe is completely impervious to any harm whatsoever, most safes today offer an amazing level of protection. A lot has been written about what makes a good safe, what to look for when purchasing a safe, and many other topics related to safes. All of that is great because it makes consumers more aware, savvy and prepared to purchase exactly what they really need. Need fire protection? There are safes that can do that. Need protection from theft? There are safes that can be bolted to the floor, and are so secure that it would take an almost impossible Herculean effort to get the door open without the combination or key. Most modern safes get the job of protection done right.

I remember back when I was a kid noticing safes while watching old western tv shows like The Rifleman, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, The Virginian, and others. It seems like the bad guys in these shows didn't have much trouble at all when it came time to rob a bank. They just donned their bandana masks, wielded their six shooters, barked out some commands to the frightened tellers and ultimately helpless bank managers, then diving for cover as the sticks of dynamite did its job on the safe. Boom and viola! the safes gave in and revealed all the cash and jewels inside. I remember thinking how pathetic those safes were. One little explosion and they were opened. I kept thinking that if that is all it took to get into them, they would have been better off to just leave the safes unlocked and save themselves the trouble of fixing up all the damage that came as a result of the bad guys blowing things up. But that was just me.

As an adult with a home, a few valuables to protect, and a greater sense of how the world really works, I am now proud to say that I own several safes. I don't know if they would be strong enough to withstand a dynamite blast, but I do know that I have a lot more peace of mind. I figure something is better than nothing when it comes to safes. Why do I have more than one? Because I have multiple needs, just like you probably do. The portable safes on the market (mine is a Sentry fireproof safe) offer people the ability to store valuable documents, cash, and other valuables in something that they can quickly grab if needed, yet still protect from fire damage.

My other safe is a big bazillion pound monster that I defy anyone to get into without the combination. This thing is going nowhere without permission. It is rated to withstand normal house fire temperatures for over a half hour, is bolted down to the floor, and is impervious to pry bars and other attempts at entry. I can just see the look on Don Knotts' face (think Apple Dumpling Gang) when the dynamite goes off and my safe is still standing there intact and with a little grin on its face.

Safes are a serious investment and a great thing to have in today's tough uncertain economic times. They are built to be incredibly strong and feature-rich. Sure, enough explosives, or maybe the right thief could possibly figure out a way to breech some safes, but any modern safe made by a proven and respected manufacturer is certain to be reliable and beneficial for most people.