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    Item #: MBF5922-PC
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    Mesa MBF5922E Executive Safe

    The Mesa MBF5922E Executive Safe gives you excellent value for the benefits it offers and is a great starter gun safe. The smaller size of this model allows it to be kept in a closet or in smaller spaces. The MBF5922 passed a fire endurance test in an independent laboratory, and was tested in a gas furnace at temperatures up to 1750 degrees F for a period of 60 minutes. Compare this to similar brands of fireproof gun safes that only offer 20-40 minute fire ratings. It also meets or exceeds the California Department of Justice specifications for gun safe construction.

    The body and walls of this small gun safe are made of high strength double wall 12 gauge steel. The door is 3-3/4" thick with an additional thick steel plate that is nearly 1/4" thick. The body of this gun safe is 1 1/2 thick. Additional security measures include seven (7) active 1.5" thick steel moving locking bolts, along with five (5) 1.5" thick steel non moving locking bolts to prevent door removal during a forced entry attempt. The locking mechanism is protected by a heavy duty, drill resistant hard plate and an internal re-locking device provides a secondary line of defense against a break-in. The MBF5922 also has four recessed anchor bolt holes to securely anchor the safe to the floor. This safe comes standard with a Digital Electronic Lock or Combination Lock.

    • Door is 7 gauge, with an additional 11 gauge steel plate covering the lock and handle area
    • High Strength Unitized 12 Gauge Body
    • One hour rated fire safe tested at 1750 degrees - interior temperature did not exceed 350 degrees F
    • Interior outlet strip includes 3 Electrical Sockets & 2 USB Ports. Power source cord included
    • Pocket door organizer standard
    • Dual layer firewall interior
    • Seven Massive 1.5 " brass plated solid steel "live" locking bolts
    • Five 1.5 " dead bolt prevents door removal during a forced entry attempt
    • Total of (12) 1.5" locking bolts including top and bottom bolts. 1 ea. live bolt on top and 1 ea. live bolt on bottom
    • Lock is protected by a heavy duty 3/16" drill resistant hard plate
    • Internal re-locking device provides a secondary line of defense
    • All Steel Construction
    • Decorative tri-spoke handle
    • Four recessed anchor bolt holes used to securely anchor the safe. ANCHORS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
    • Interior shelves, walls and door panel fully upholstered
    • High strength adjustable or removable shelves
    • Prop 65 Warning
    WARNING: This product may contain
    chemicals known to the State of California
    to cause cancer, birth defects, or other
    reproductive harm.


    • Exterior: 22"W x 20"D x 59"H
    • Interior: 18.62"W x 13.25"D 55.5"H
    • Interior Cubic Feet: 7.9 interior
    • Weight: 505 lbs.

    If you are the original Owner of a Mesa Safe Burglary /Fire Gun Safe/Constitution Series Safe that suffers damage due to theft or fire, Mesa Safe will replace the safe with absolutely no product cost to you. You must provide Mesa Safe with a properly filed police and or fire department report, within 30 days of incident. We will either repair or replace (at our option) with a current production model of comparable value. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY REMOVAL CHARGES AND FOR ANY SHIPPING CHARGES. Under no circumstances will Mesa Safe be held liable for contents of said Safe(s). Proof of purchase or notarized document stating you are in fact the true original owner of the safe is required. This Limited Lifetime warranty is non-transferable. For additional assistance, please contact us. Mesa Safe provides world class customer service and stands behind each of our products 100%.

    Mesa Safes MBF5922E Gun Safe - 1 Hour Fire 14 Gun Safe

    Hi! And thanks for your interest in the Mesa MBF5922 Gun Safe. I’m Shannon with, and I’m going to give you a little run down on this model and touch on all of the great features it has to offer. One of our hottest sellers this year, the Mesa MBF series, and the 5922 specifically, has been at the head of the pack, due to its unique size and competitive price point.

    Packed with an impressive list of security features and specs, let me start discussing what you’ll find in this safe, working from the outside in, beginning with the body construction. It’s constructed of 12 gauge steel, which contributes to the total overall wall thickness of 1 5/8”, when combined with the fire resistant material. The door itself measures in at a thickness of 4 3/8”. And contained within that 4 3/8” you’ll find a 3-way locking system consisting of 12, 1 ½” diameter, solid steel locking bolts, a drill resistant hard plate and a punch activated relocking system. This trifecta of security offers a provides confidence when it comes to defending your valuables from burglary attack and keeping your fire arms out of the hands of young and inexperienced family members; preventing the possibility of any dangerous accidents.

    In addition to all of these security features, Mesa has equipped their MBF series with your choice of mechanical or electronic locks. The LaGard mechanical lock is a U.L. listed group II combination dial that is resistant to semiskilled manipulation attacks. The electronic lock used is the Mesa’s own MSL-50. Although it is not U.L. rated, it does come equipped with a low battery warning, a multiple invalid code defense and is programmable with up to two unique users.

    Also contributing to the MBF5922’s top ranking as one of our most popular safes is its 1 hour fire rating at 1750 degrees. Factory tested, it keeps the internal temperature at or below 350 degrees when conditions are kept within the perimeters above. And its heat activated intumescent door seal assists in protecting your valuables, by expanding to 5 times its original size, creating an impenetrable barrier to fire and smoke, as well as creating the added benefit of some water resistance.

    As you move inside the safe, you’ll find a fully convertible interior, which allows you to switch from a long gun and shelf configuration to an all long gun option, utilizing its full storage capacity for 14 long guns. And carpet from top to bottom ensures that your barrels and stocks are protected from scratching. The bottom is predrilled with mounting holes and does come with mounting hardware. However, weighing in at 502 lbs, this step may not be entirely necessary.

    So, taking into consideration, the full list of security features and conveniences most desired by gun enthusiasts, the MBF5922 gun safe continues to be one of my top recommendations of great gun safe at a great value, and I can only bet will continue to be one our best sellers moving forward.

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