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    Item #: PDO-22
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    MESA's PDO-Series Pocket Door Organizers provide an additional storage component that internally attaches to your safe door, for conveniently stashing small items and weaponry: handguns, knives, ammo, binoculars, etc. The PDO22 has multiple storage compartments, filling the length and width of your safe door with additional space. Constructed of heavy-duty canvas material, the Mesa PDO-Series comes with large velcro-flap pockets, durable elastic slots and elastic pockets for a snug fit. Each PDO comes with simple installation instructions; can fit to just about any safe door. MESA offers 3 PDO models: the PDO22, PDO32, & PDO36.

    • The PDO Series Pocket Door Organizers are easy to install.
    • Made with heavy-duty canvas material
    • provides addtional storage to conveniently stash small items & weaponry.
    • Fits the Mesa MBF-Series Gun Safes
    • Can be adjusted to fit other safes.


    • 18 3⁄8" x 53 3⁄8"
    • Compartments: 2 Large Pockets + 12 Elastic Slots
    • Fits:MBF5922
    • Weight: 0.5 lbs.

    1 Year Warranty

    We will guarantee your Mesa PDO-Series Pocket Door Organizer free from defects for 1 Year from original purchase date. Warranty is only available in the U.S. Limitations & exclusions apply. Click here for complete details of the coverage.

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