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Liberty Safes: How to Accept Delivery of Yours

Congratulations! You've done your due diligence, scoped out the many options available to you in the safe market and made a wise decision in purchasing one of the world-class Liberty Safes. I applaud your decision because Liberty makes not only beautiful safes that are proven to withstand the ravages of fire and theft, but also look amazing and have lots of internal features that truly make them one of the world's nicest safes.

As you probably already know, Liberty safes come with a lifetime warranty that is second to none. If you experience a fire or a damaged safe from someone trying to bust into it, they will deliver a new safe to you for free. They won't charge you delivery and you get a new safe to boot. Wow! Liberty safes are not only one of the best safes on the market, but they are also backed up by a company that has been around and knows what it is doing, not only in terms of manufacturing, but also in terms of customer service. So now that you have made your decision and have a new safe coming, what is the best way to take delivery?

Liberty safes are heavy and taking delivery requires some preparation and attention to detail. When the driver brings the safe to your house or business, ask him if he'll help you lift the box off so you can inspect the safe. You'll find that most drivers are willing to do this without any problem. The box comes right off leaving the safe covered in foam. You will find an envelope on top of it with your owner's manual, the combination, as well as the warranty card. Don't lose these as you will want to have them. Also in the envelope you will find a key to unlock the dial if your safe is keyed rather than having a combination. If your safe has a digital key pad you will find the numbers you need located in this envelope as well. Liberty safes arrive in locked mode. For safes with a key, simply insert the key into the lock and give it a half turn. Then turn the dial right, then grab the handle and turn it to open the safe door.

Liberty safes come with the spokes for the handle packed inside the safe. So once you open the door you should find the spokes, dehumidifier, or any other accessories you purchased right there. Spend just a few minutes inspecting the interior for anything out of order and to make sure everything looks good to you. You'll find the shelves and the necessary clips to hang them.

Obviously, you'll also want to do a quick check of the exterior of the safe. Liberty safes are absolutely beautiful and you need to just make sure that there are no dents or scratches. If you do find a problem with the safe, you do not want to accept it from the driver. Don't sign anything or accept it at all. Instead, you should call Liberty and let them know about the problem. If it is a minor issue, they may offer you some sort of money back. If the problem is big enough that this is not acceptable to you they will make arrangements to send you a brand new safe.

After inspection, just unbolt it from the pallet and roll it into your house with a dolly, pipes, or any other method you choose. Be careful going over tile, as these Liberty safes are heavy enough to do damage if you aren't careful. Putting plywood down first is a great tip. Just take care and everything should go pretty smoothly for you. And finally, be sure to fill our the warranty card and return it to Liberty safes because that card is coded to the combination and serial number of your safe. Should you ever need to get the combination from them, they can refer to this card to help.