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Internal Features of a Cannon Safe

A large gun safe, from the exterior, offers everything that you need to protect you guns, valuables, important documents, collectibles, heirlooms etc. For a long time, this is what safe manufacturing companies focused on, making a secure, fire resistant, water resistant product. Originally, they just came with an assortment of shelves. But as time progressed, companies began to focus on the interior layout as well as the actually structural features. Many innovative safe interiors have been developed, and one of these is the Tru Rack by Cannon Safe.

The Tru Rack system is designed specifically for long guns (rifles). A quick look at the features that Cannon Safe thought was important in this system are:

  1. The racks should be fully adjustable, with strong, steel supports.
  2. The interior upholstery should be lint free, using top quality materials.
  3. There should be a solid vertical support in the middle for extra strength
  4. It should allow for barrel down rifle storage which is better for rifles with a wood stock.
  5. Because of barrel down storage, the floor should be padded to protect the muzzle.

One of the most innovative things about the Cannon Safe system in the dual barrel up and barrel down storage. This allow for the maximum amount of long gun storage, a real plus for any long gun enthusiast, collector or hunter. Most systems only allow for barrel down storage, but this takes up a lot of room. By being able to store some rifles with the stock up, you can almost double your storage capacity.

There is a variety of layouts available in the Tru Rack system. Some are fully designed for only long gun storage, others have the unique rifle storage system in half the safe and adjustable shelves on the other half. You can get the system with left or right hand side shelves. Most have one or more full shelves across the top of the safe, great for ammo if it is strictly for guns, or for other small items if it is a multipurpose safe. Cannon refers to their shelves as "easy out" because they can be removed or adjusted quickly so that you can quickly customize the safe interior for your needs. If you have handguns, the shelves are great for them, or if you want quicker access to your pistol, you can get the optional door panel handgun holsters.

The entire Cannon safe interior is upholstered, including the inside door panel and all shelves. This is great to help protect anything put in the safe. Many of the new safe interiors come with an internal flush mount light and electrical outlets built right into the safe.

One great option for the safe interior that should seriously be considered is the GunSaver Dehumidifier. This is important because the temperature inside a safe is typically colder than outside temperatures. Because there is nowhere for this cold air to escape, it can condense and cause damage to items stored in the safe, such as rust to metal items (gun barrels) and mold and mildew. The dehumidifier regularly circulates warm, dry air so that you do not have to worry about this problem.

So, remember, when shopping for a safe, the protection the safe offers is extremely important and should be considered first. But there are a lot of great safes on the market, Cannon safe is just one of them. So don't forget to look at the internal features of a safe, and find one that works best for your needs.