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In Tough Economic Times, There is an Increase in the Sale of Sentry Safes

In the current financial crisis, many industries have suffered, but the safe industry has had a boon in sales. With the number of banks in trouble on the rise, people are taking some of their savings and the security of their valuables into their own hands by purchasing home security safes. Safe manufacturers, like Sentry safes, has seen a 30% - 50% increase in sales (depending upon the major retailer), starting in September and October of last year. In the history of the safe industry, Doug Brush, Chairman of Sentry Group in East Rochester, NY, claims this to be the largest spike in safe sales ever seen in such a short period of time, dating back to the Great Depression when his Grandfather started the company.

The bank is supposed to be one of the safest institutions, but 2008 saw 19 bank failures, compared to only three in 2007, and over 150 more claim to be in trouble. When banks fail, the stock market suffers, people get worried and look for peace of mind. Being able to take direct control of protecting their savings and valuables by placing them in Sentry safes brings that peace. To have important or irreplaceable items close to home, brings that peace because you can make sure that they are safe, organized and secure. It also helps because in a troubled economy there is also a fear of an increase in crime.

But finance experts claims that stashing cash brings a false sense of security. Some experts say that you miss out when it comes to inflation and you run the risk of your money being stolen. But lets face it, a security safe is different that stashing your cash in your mattress. Many Sentry safes are built with security being their primary goal. And though you may not want to pull all of you money out of the bank, having an emergency reserve of cash at home can go a long way to helping you feel better about your situation.

Though the magnitude of the increase in sales is unusual and never seen before, the safe industry commonly sees an increase in sales whenever there is a catastrophe, whether it be financial or a natural disaster, like hurricanes or fires.

Everybody has some things that they like to keep protected from fire, water damage or theft, and safe manufacturers provide the means to protect those items with a price point for any budget. Starting at just under $30 you can get from Sentry Safes a basic security box. Yes, it is easy for a thief to carry off and open elsewhere, but they are compact and versatile and will protect your important papers and a few items from fire. From there the offerings of safes just goes up, getting bigger, more secure and more expensive. At the top of the line are commercial quality safes that costs thousands of dollars, more than what most people need. The average price point for a good quality home safe is under $1000. But the security an investment like this offers is worth it. Only you know what you have to protect, the value of those items, and what it is worth to you to secure that protection.

Just remember, in tough economic times like we are currently living through, be wise in your purchases, shop around and look at many Sentry safes before deciding what will work best for you.