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Gunvault The Verdict Is Out

The verdict is out and the public has spoken, GunVault is one of the best quick access handgun safes in the business. With 25 years of experience under their belt, this company strives to keep their safes current and top notch, using the latest technology in tamper resistance and locking mechanisms. With a motto like “safe quick strong smart,” there’s no wonder that GunVault prides themselves on being trendsetters in the world of fast access, “go anywhere” gun safes.

What makes GunVault different from other handgun safes you ask? Start with the precise and accurate fittings on the products, making them resistant to pry attacks. Also, each safe’s exterior is made exceptionally tough with 16 gauge steel for peace of mind. The safes’ unique and patented features also make them must haves in gun storage solutions. Next, add the fact that biometric technology is available on several GunVault products, allowing customers to feel at ease with just a scan of a finger.

But it doesn’t end there. Recently, GunVault’s MicroVault Bio was nominated against 114 other products and awarded “Safety Product of the Year” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. The 500-member academy consisted of manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, making this an outstanding honor and achievement. only offers the very best products in this space, and that is why our number one selling quick access handgun safe is GunVault, a company with 25 years of excellence in this industry.

What also sets GunVault apart from the competition is their 5-year warranty guarantee – offered to all consumers that purchase these products. This warranty grants consumers that purchased after January 1, 2014 complete coverage against any fire, burglary, or attempted burglary damage within five years. Also provided is a one year warranty free of defects or glitches on any products, so customers can rest assured that their safes are a priority. GunVault sets the bar high for consumers’ needs, and for this reason, it’s no wonder they continue to expand and create an exceptional name for themselves in the world of gun safes.

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