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Product Finder: What Is Important To You?

Gun Safes for Security and Style

Buying the best gun safe for your home will give you security and peace of mind. Everybody knows that. What many people don’t realize is that a safe is increasingly becoming a desirable piece of furniture that will be appreciated for its beauty and style. No longer consigned to the basement or garage, a safe can add character to your home office and living spaces.

Gun Safes: A Brief History of Online Safe Sales

Of course, only the most stylish safes are suitable for use as furniture. You’ll want a best gun safe whose size, color, and construction can fit with your existing décor. That means you’ll need to review a wide range of safes to be sure you get one that is just right for your needs. is the perfect place. We offer more manufacturers and more options in safes than any other source—anywhere. We’ve got exactly what you need. If you haven’t found the best gun safe brands that are just right yet, give us a call or chat, and our team will get you to the perfect safe in no time!

How did we get to be the best? The safe industry has not always been friendly to online business. Historically, even well into the information age, it was impossible to buy big safes online. You might find a safe online, but customers would have to call the company for a quote and to make delivery arrangements with a local dealer. More commonly, the companies would simply refer a customer to a local dealer, who might have 3 or 4 safes on the floor. When entered the market, we asked ourselves why this should be true. It seemed to us that customers would want to see hundreds of safes from all the major manufacturers in one place. Then, if they chose to buy, the safe could be shipped to their home and installed by professionals (not their brother-in-law and neighbor).

The biggest weakness of this idea was the difficulty experienced transporting heavy items like safes. Damage rates were high, and shipping companies were not equipped to ship this size of product on a case-by-case basis. So we went to work looking for innovative shippers who were willing to change their methods. And we succeeded! Giving a lot of thought to their packing and delivery methods, shippers learned they could deliver large products to homes successfully. In that process, we insisted that shippers accept responsibility for shipping damage and that the same people who delivered the safe installed it. That way, it would be impossible to argue that somebody else had caused the damage.

The other difficulty was that most safe manufacturers had more traditional distribution models and were resistant to doing business online. But over the years, barriers melted as manufacturers realized that had solved the shipping problems, and as they saw that a huge portion of the market for safes had moved to the online world. Missing out on all that opportunity was not an option. Within a few short years, instead of us approaching manufacturers to request permission to sell their safes online, the bigger manufacturers began coming to us. In addition, newer manufacturers actually designed their evolving processes around online sales, and their efforts were richly rewarded with new customers.

Now you can see that the online market for safes has exploded. Lots of companies are selling safes online, and some of them are doing a pretty good job of it and getting good reviews. But the grandfather of them all (whether they admit it or not) is We’ve got a better, more navigable website, more manufacturers, more safes, more experience, and more commitment to making you ecstatic about your purchase at Please read what our customers are saying about us—these are actual quotes—and buy your safe at