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Gun Safe Accessories: What do You Need?

Now that you have the perfect gun safe to keep your firearms out of little hands or your collection safe from robbery, do you need any gun safe accessories? What type of accessories could you possibly need? Well, you never know until you see what is available, and then you find things that you simply cannot do without!

One important category of accessories to consider to protect your firearms is a dehumidifier. Many high end safes already come equipped with a dehumidifier, but if not, there are a variety of options available. One nifty option uses crystals to absorb extra moisture, so you just have to hang or place the unit in your safe. The plus side is that no batteries or outlet needed. The down side is that the moisture absorbing crystals need to be "renewed" once they are filled to capacity. This is usually done by plugging in the unit so that the built in heater can dry out the crystals. There is a color indicator that lets you know when it is time to renew the unit, but typically it is about every 6 - 8 weeks, and then the unit has to be plugged in for about 8 hours before you can place it back into your safe.

If your safe has an outlet, or a small hole in the back to run a cord, then a regular dehumidifier would be a great gun safe accessory option for you. This type of dehumidifier actually circulates the air within the safe.

The next top item on a list of must have gun safe accessories is interior lighting. Same as above, upper end safes often come with some type of lighting, but if not you have a couple of options. There are fluorescent lighting kits that can be installed, or I even have seen an interior rope light that can be installed that has a magnetic switch so that the light comes on when the safe door is opened.

If you have pistols, you can get a pistol rack to sit on a shelf in your safe that keeps your pistols nicely organized and accessible while maximizing space. You can get racks that hold from four to eight hand guns, and I have seen them in both metal and wood.

Another option for storing pistols are holsters or pistol pockets that velcro to the inside of the door of the safe. You can fit quite a few holsters on the door of your safe, freeing up a lot of room for other items.

Many safe manufacturers now offer a variety of safe interiors, and some of them are specially designed to fit on the safe door with an assortment of pockets and holsters for a wide range of items from pistols to ammo or any other small accessories you may need to store in your safe.

If you have an older safe that you would like to update, you can install an electronic safe lock that may have fancy features such as a time delay mode.

Other gun safe accessories that are handy if you use your safe for more than just guns are things like jewelry trays and small 2-4 drawer storage chests that can be placed in the safe and keep small valuables organized.

As you can, see there many options available when it comes to gun safe accessories. Though they may not all be for you, you may discover that there are some things that you simply cannot do without as they bring greater organization to your safe or helps to protect your items from rust or mildew.