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Fortress is a force to be reckoned with!

Fortress is an offshoot of Heritage safes, offering a really nicely rounded selection of pistol safes, home and office safes, full size gun safes, and some really unique gun cabinets. Just the name itself says a lot, from what we have gathered, these are all very sturdy and well built products!

The product that really stands out the most are the three, five and ten gun cabinets. These are almost hybrid of gun cabinet and gun safe! Most cabinets have just a key lock with a small latch to hold the cabinet closed, this cabinet introduces locking bolts to the lightweight and more cost effective cabinet.. in my opinion this could be considered a gun safe. The specifications make for a very convenient and easy to move option for the light gun collector to have some good secure storage.

The full size Fortress gun safes have some very nice features; these are imported and compete to a lot of the other import safe we have to offer. The FS14 is a really good price, and unique size safe. It is smaller than most, and compares to the old Bighorn 6022 that was discontinued a few years ago. I think this safe also competes with the Cannon P14. For the price, it is a great choice, and has a good strong warranty!

Fortress also has these really cute bright blue cables lockboxes, great is so many applications! In the car, RV, home and office, it is easy to transport. You can lock it to a tree while you are taking a nap on the beach or at the park. These would make for an attractive gift, and also great for personal use.

Not to mention the two ¬pistol safes, the smaller of the two is a nice size, and includes a locking cable. Fortress really has it going on in this industry!