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Fort Knox The Big Difference

There are several traits that set Fort Knox products miles apart from the rest. There has to be a reason why they are known as “America’s Best,” for 30 years. Fort Knox promises their consumers impeccable security, one of a kind fire protection, an exclusive lifetime warranty, and of course a USA made product. Still not convinced? According to the experts at UL, (Underwriters Laboratory,) who specialize in consumer protection, Fort Knox surpasses expectations and sets their own standard. Fire protection is a necessity, and in 90 minutes, Fort Knox offers protection with temperatures up to 1680 degrees. Here at, we give Fort Knox a top of the line rating

So what’s included in that lifetime warranty? Fort Knox supplies the original purchaser with a lifetime guarantee free of defects and mechanical glitches. It doesn’t stop there; Fort Knox will also replace any safe, free of charge to the customer, with any damage stemming from theft, flooding, and arson. The true icing on the cake though, the warranty includes the lock and paint, which most other manufacturers exclude. The difference is noticeable, earning Fort Knox lifetime customers.

What makes the security so top notch,Fort Knox offers multiple steel options, allowing customers the option to design their own security level. Take the Deluxe Package for instance, which increases both the steel thickness of the vault and door, making your safe more resistant to burglary. Another option is their inner steel liner. With 4 levels of security to choose from, additional barriers can be selected keeping your vault safe from intruders. Vault body upgrades are another way to protect your valuables, giving customers the power to upgrade the steel thickness of the vault body up to a category 2 or 3 rating. Stainless steel packages are another option, maximizing the strength of the body and door with a 10-gauge stainless steel barrier, defending against possible torch attacks. Finally, your vault can also be enhanced with a level 3 rated ballistic vault. The 7-gauge ArmaKnox AR 500 steel not only can withstand 3 shots from a .44 magnum pistol, but in comparison to regular steel, it’s three times stronger! The experts at recommend these upgrades, as they can be a great asset to your vault

What’s a safe without fire protection, though? Fort Knox’s Inferno Shield 90 has been tested to keep the inside of the vault just under 350 degrees. To eliminate hot spots, UL Listed fireboard insulation is used behind the hinges and on all six sides. To act as a thermal barrier, a dead air space is also built into the vault. This particular design provides fire protection at 1680 degrees in 90 minutes. If that doesn’t satisfy your needs, there’s the Inferno shield level 120. With this upgrade, customers have the option of achieving a fire rating that’s only attainable for commercial safes. This design rates at 1680 degrees in 120 minutes! A dual activated thermal door seal is a great way to block all potential flames. The first seal is a heat activated Palusol which expands and seals the vault door during a fire, and the second is a smoke seal that helps protect valuables before the Palusol occurs

As you know, the interior of your vault is extremely important, and Fort Knox provides their customers with some amazing options to choose from. From half long gun storage, all long gun storage, or all shelf designs, there is something designed to satisfy everyone. Fort Knox truly allows you to customize your vault, and they’re equipped with recycled, carpeted material that will provide longevity. Besides, what’s inside your vault is what matters most, right? If you’re looking for a product of great value that comes with a genuine promise, Fort Knox is the way to go. Ask an expert at today to help you decide which Vault is best for you!