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    Rated 4.7 out of 5 for Gun Safes4835

    Fort Knox Personal Pistol Box

    Quick access in concealable security box. Protect your valuables in your car or in your home. Choose from one of these available sizes for maximum storage. These new high security pistol boxes are constructed with a heavy 10 gauge body and a 3/16″ plate door. The Personal Pistol safe can be used in many applications. Fort Knox Lifetime warranty comes with this safe.

    You can easily fit 1 or 2 compact guns in this handgun safe. The pre-drilled holes in the bottom make it convenient to be bolted down to the floor, a drawer, or any other flat surface.


    • Bolt-down capable
    • 10-Gauge Steel Body
    • 3/16″ plate door


    • Exterior Dimensions: 9″ wide 12″ deep 4″ high
    • Weight: 20 lbs


    • Exterior Dimensions: 9″ wide 12″ deep 4″ high
    • Weight: 20 lbs

    Fort Knox Lifetime warranty comes with this safe.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Good, solid safe

    • quality
    • size
    <p>I've had this safe for a couple months now, and can easily recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable pistol vault. Size-wise, there is plenty of room for a full-sized handgun, couple magazines, and several boxes of ammo.</p><p>You don't have to mount this horizontally, either. I've currently got mine mounted vertically, and the door is balanced well-enough that it doesn't take a lot of effort to pull it open. It also does not slam shut when letting the door fall via gravity, so it's very well constructed.</p><p>Overall, I can't really find anything major to complain about. Very satisfied customer, here.</p>

    Waynesville, Ohio

    Great quality gun safe to own

    Got mine 6/17/2014. Great delivery service. Took only 3 days including ordering date, tax-free and free shipping too. Got it bolted, changed default combination to new one easily. No problem encountered whatsoever. Of course it is a great product, it's made in the USA!!!!