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Fort Knox Maverick Series

Considering a Maverick and wondering what it has to offer you? The experts at think this design’s a true winner. This Fort Knox product is available in 4 different sizes, all varying in measurement and weight to help better satisfy your specific needs. Available are The Maverick 7241, Maverick 6637, Maverick 6031, and Maverick 6026. Each size comes equipped with the following features: a reinforced fire door, a quadrafold door frame, unibody construction, a folded door, a drill deflector bolt guard, foil mechanical back up re-locking devices, a drills top hard plate, a limited lifetime warranty, and a manipulation resistant lock. Coming packed with all these benefits, it’s hard to not to make a Maverick one of your purchases, and our team at can help assist you on choosing which would best your needs!

As far as sizing goes, the series ranges from highest to lowest in the following order:

  • The Maverick 7241 - 72.5” in H 41” in W and 925 lbs.
  • The Maverick 6637 - 66.5” in H 37” in W and 800 lbs.
  • The Maverick 6031 - 60.5” in H 31” in W and 625 lbs.
  • The Maverick 6026 - 60.5” in H 26” in W and 525 lbs.

Interested in making your safe a vibrant one? The Maverick has many options in color available for both the exterior and interior. Exterior options range from dark granite to rimrock, and interior fabric options include silver and beige. (You can see all color options on our website There are also a number of accessories that can be added to your Maverick, varying from electronic locks, fluorescent lighting, drawers, organizers, holsters, racks, pedestals, and gun socks. Adding some of these features on can help personalize and upgrade your safe to achieve a better quality. So what’s stopping you? Contact an expert at today and customize your own Maverick!

Ftknox M6637