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Floor Safes Protect Like Nothing Else

Home and office security means more than just locking the door at night, or when we go out. It means more than cameras, motion detectors, or security guards. Securing and protecting our valuable properties, goods, secrets, papers, and other valuables is obviously a multifaceted proposition. Some of those facets involve things like gun, wall, and floor safes. Safes make it possible for us to quickly and easily store and protect items that we want to protect from theft or damage.

There's nothing like a break-in or fire to ruin an otherwise perfectly good day. This has special meaning for me because a few years ago I had a devastating fire rip through a retail store I owned. It actually started in a room far away from my office. However, by the time it got to the office, where my personal and business valuables were kept, it had grown in size to where there was no hope of recovery of anything of value. We inspected the charred remains and found very little. The chairs and desks were basically gone. The contents of the filing cabinets were nothing more than ash. To my complete and utter surprise and amazement, the only thing that had survived to any degree was my safe. It was one of those floor safes that had been installed during the original construction of the building. It was built right into the floor. How cool is that?

When I opened the safe up I was shocked to see that the contents were intact. One of the documents was starting to show signs of heat damage, but that was it! I don't know how long the blaze lasted, but hats off to a great product that withstood some serious heat and pressure.

As I have thought about floor safes since then, I have decided that they are no longer just something that I consider to be optional. They are, in fact, a necessity. I have installed one in my home since then, and admit getting a little grin on my face every time I put something into it, or take something out. It's my little secret, and I love it.

Floor safes are not absolutely impervious, but they sure are close. Think about what a pain it would be for a thief to have only one access point. With a normal safe there are multiple vulnerabilities that a floor model just doesn't have. When installed properly, a floor safe is nearly impossible to remove or breach. And the same benefit exists for protection from fire. Most fires are responded to and extinguished within 30-45 minutes. That's about how long most high quality safes are designed to protect contents.

Floor safes are cool, they protect your valuables, they are easy to install during initial construction, and can be installed after the fact by a qualified professional. I would never go without one, and cannot recommend them highly enough. If you have things to protect, like important papers, cash, jewels, passports, titles, etc., then you owe it to yourself to look into getting one.