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Features of Quality Browning Gun Safes

Recently the Browning Company has expanded their line of Browning gun safes. They offer four different premium gun safes and three value safes as well as a variety of specialty safes and safe accessories. But regardless of why you need a safe or the features that you are shopping for, Browning makes it easy with their picture rating system. Some of these features are found on all safes, some are premium features found on only select safes. Here are a look at the various Browning gun safes features.

Fire/Security Ratings – This rating thermometer appears on all Browning gun safes. There is a red thermometer “F” for the fire rating and a blue thermometer “S” for the security rating. This makes it easy to compare the level of protection straight across on the various safes. The higher the number, the better the protection.

Reinforced Door Frame – The door opening of the safe is strengthened by U-shaped steel channels, and is welded around the entire perimeter to create additional pry bar and attack resistance.

Force Deflector™ Locking System – This is a patent pending system that prevents bolt or handle forces from reaching the lock by using a rotating cam device. It also prevents energy transfer to the lock better than most locking systems.

180° Heavy Duty Hinges – These rugged hinges are machined from solid steel bar stock for strength. The hinges also allow the door to swing open 180° for unhindered access to the safe interior. Hinge-side locking bolts maintain full security even if the hinges are cut off.

Uni-Force™ Locking System – On Browning gun safes, this is the best locking mechanism. It uses robust cam locks and a large, multiple diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars, not the lock, for protection unmatched by other locking systems.

UL Security Container Rating – This is the industry standard test and rating for home, personal and gun safes. Meeting this standard requires minimum construction specifications and passing an actual independent laboratory attack test.

1" Formed Door – This door is engineered with a rugged steel face, back, and reinforcement panels to provide excellent strength and attack protection.

Locking Bolts– These are rugged steel pieces that move behind the door frame to actually hold the safe door locked and closed. Bigger bolts, and more of them, provide greater security.

Duo-Formed® DoorBrowning gun safes best door is formed from multiple layers of steel, carefully formed together to provide superior strength, pry-resistance and attack protection. There is also a full second panel for outstanding strength.

Duo-Plus™ Interior – This is a patent pending gun safe interior that increases long gun capacity and makes all of the long guns easier to access using an innovative door-mounted long gun rack. This interior comes standard on some Browning gun safes, and is optional on others.

OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System – This is a carefully engineered structure of steel hardplate and steel components designed to protect the safe lock from drill, punch, and push attacks.

Body Thickness – This is the thickness of the steel that comprises the safe’s body. A smaller gauge number means thicker steel, which provides more security than thinner steel.

Fire Rating – A laboratory measurement expressed with two numbers of a safes fire protection. The first number tells the temperature in Fahrenheit of what the safe can resist, and the second number gives the length of time in minutes that the safe can withstand that temperature.

Drill Resistant Deflector Plate – A hardened steel plate strategically positioned at an angle in some Browning gun safes to cause drill bits to bend or break, providing additional protection for the lock.

Many of these features are found on all Browning safes, some features are variable (fire and security rating, body thickness) in the different safes, and some are only found on Premium safes. But knowing about these features will make it easier to discover which of the Browning gun safes is best for you.