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Everybody Loves the Mystique of a Wall Safe

Who doesn't like the idea of a wall safe? They are cool and fun. As a kid I used to dream about how to make special hiding places for things, both inside and out. It wasn't very sophisticated. Usually a little box or hollowed out tube of some sort would keep me happy. Of course, hide-and-go-seek was always my favorite game. As an adult, I still have a fascination with all things clandestine and sneaky. Secret codes, hidden compartments, bugs, top secret information, listening devices, that sort of thing. I guess the appeal of a wall safe comes from the excitement of knowing something that someone else doesn't.

Sometimes a wall safe is best when it is disguised as something common, something we are all used to seeing. Valuables don't always have to be hidden behind an expensive painting or fancy moveable bookcase. Besides, most of us can't afford that anyway, and studies have shown that a thief only spends just a few minutes inside a place that they intend to steal from. I am pretty sure that looking behind bookcases and paintings is something any respectable burglar does right away.

So, like I said, sometimes a wall safe is best when it is simple. For example, one of my favorites is those little safes that look like a common electrical outlet and wall plate. They are cheap, super easy to install, and just downright fun. I am sure that anyone that wanted to could even make one. To install one of these you just have to cut a small rectangle out of your drywall in a suitable location and stick the little wall safe inside. Now you can hide away small valuables in a place so common that a thief will not even think about looking there. I even read that in some precincts, police are finding that these tiny inexpensive units are better than an expensive locked safe!

Now I gotta admit that this little gadget is a little under dressed for some occasions. One problem is that only small items can fit. Another obvious downside is that it isn't locked, meaning that someone could accidentally access it, and last, it does not offer any fire protection. A wall safe that is more suited to protecting weapons or large amounts of cash, passports, deeds, etc., certainly needs to be locked up and offer some degree of fire protection. Alas, there is a wall safe for such purposes. These are designed to be installed in any standard 2x4 or 2x6 framed wall. They could even be built into a cabinet. On the outside these safes tend to have ways to attach things like pictures, mirrors, dart boards, or other items that would hide the safe

Like most things, you get what you pay for, and a wall safe is no different. Those designed to be fire proof, can be creatively concealed, have high-tech fingerprint or numeric access technology will cost a pretty penny. I would, however, definitely opt for one of these if I had handguns or other dangerous or high value items to conceal. Until then I think I'll try my hand at making something simple and fun, like a hollowed out book. Wish me luck!